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  1. I thought that bit was clear enough, sorry. I ended up finding most of what was missing on my motor from that Craigslist listing. Also, the guy says he has a good L28 as well, so we'll see. That listing was put up today, by the way.
  2. I ended up finding this: http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/pts/4283415684.html That right there is most everything I am missing.
  3. Well here's my deal... I don't know what parts of that will transfer over from that 83 to my 78. I have the one that is just a little bit different than the other years, and I don't have a lot of the sensors. I'll take that car into consideration, but I would much prefer a running 78 L28 with everything still connected to it.
  4. I do not mind shipping it, as long as it won't cost too much.
  5. I'm looking for a fuel injected L28, preferably out of a 1978. Needs to be a running motor without any serious issues. I know someone has to have one sitting around that was swapped out for a SBC or RB. I am on a serious budget, so being able to drive and pick it up would be wonderful! I'm in Clallam County. I don't want to low-ball anyone, so just let me know what you are thinking as far as price. 500-800 is around my ideal price range. Thanks!
  6. Are you trying to make a 200 mph S130, or just going for better fuel mileage? If it's the first one... Just get that out of your head, you crazy little bugger
  7. Someone finally pointed me to this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Datsun-Z-240Z-260Z-280Z-New-Bracket-Brace-Differential-Nose-Support-Bar-69-78-/151170316498?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item233273f8d2&vxp=mtr I won't be buying it from datsunpartsllc (who is the seller...), as I was supplied with the number of Juan from Krecs Engineering, who supposedly makes the part. That's if I do buy it.
  8. I think I saw a different one on there last time... That one seems to be... Decent.
  9. I think I saw that on there... Seems fishy to me, but I would be interested to see how much that thing could actually handle... Off the car.
  10. Yeah, the worn bushings caused a bit of erosion as well.
  11. The cracks seem to have been caused by worn control arm bushings. The cracking is right between the bolts, on the outer edges. I'll try getting a picture of them. I would rather not try welding on it if I do not absolutely have to. Wish there was a new aftermarket part out there somewhere...
  12. So... $460 is doable, later on. I'm looking for something a little newer, though. But yeah, that isn't too bad.
  13. Are you saying I should get rid of the one in the picture? I got that picture off of Google. The cracks on mine are on the ends around where the lower control arms are held in. I would weld it, or have someone weld it, but my welding instructor (who is an ex-body/mechanical repair tech) was very clear on not welding it if I don't absolutely have to. I was a little skittish about going to town on it with a welder to begin with, knowing how much of a vital part it is. You wouldn't happen to know if it was ever heat treated, would you? Keep in mind, whatever goes back in there will eventually need to handle around 400 hp...
  14. That is not my actual part, by the way, as mine is in much better shape, but it's still on its last legs.
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