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  1. The guys name is Aaron and he is hybridz member (or maybe just a viewer, but he knew of my build thread) who bought it, so it now will be heading to Tx, Austin to be more specific, I was just there 2 weeks ago. I talked with him already, seems like a hell of nice guy, guess he has a few Z and wanted another for for the corral so she is going to good home. But yes, I have to agree, you all don't really know the car like I do, but he got one hell of a good deal.The car is very well sorted and it has some very expensive parts on it.. just because that's what I wanted and wanted it right, so he bought very well. Not sure why cars like mine don't show up when I have an itch for a hot rod? Anyway, I'm sure he be over here soon.
  2. Thanks Granny, I know nothing is going to happen till closer to the end (I would wait). Just kind of surprised that I could sell the engine/trans and rear end set-up and have a solid shell for more than the current bid.
  3. Well, so far it's been a bit discouraging. A beat up 91 Miata with 170k miles with a used, unknown and stock 5.0 swap has me beat by over 5 grand. Granted any serious bidder won't bid till the final hour(s), but how in the world does a Miata like that have a 10k bid with 3 days to go? http://bringatrailer.com/listing/1991-mazda-monster-miata/
  4. Yep, it's mine. Long story on why I was even considering even selling it as I love this car and will probably never find another Z that is this clean and untouched.. (yeah it's got a swap, but I didn't hack it up if I wanted to swap it back). I've had a few guys contact me since it's been listed that deal in Z's and other cars talking it down because of the swap then low balling me, "modified Z's don't sell, but I'll buy it". yeah.. right. Then why you calling me to tell me that? I was shocked at how much the 240 went for (link above)... simply shocked. Not a bad car at all, but way light on the the details to bring that kind of money. Bolt on flares, odd seats, missing pieces, the through out bearing, half a dash cap (who does that? get the whole thing) A couple of weeks earlier a stock 280 sold for 36K. The cars I think are being recognized now. I was watching some of these cars prices and it got me thinking of tossing my hat into the ring.... I'm now having second thoughts on even listing it as I thankfully don't need to sell it, just haven't driven it much lately and was considering the extra space yet for what I don't know.
  5. I think the car is worth it provided there isn't rust or hidden rust under the body work. Photos look good but you really won't know until you get there. SBC with Chinese heads is very cheap to build and I'm certain it's over-carbed, especially with what looks like exhaust manifolds instead of headers. It's a great starting point provided again the body is decent, shows no signs of an accident, rust or being twisted from a claimed 460hp and the "custom suspension" isn't as hacked as it looks.
  6. As long as the car isn't rusted out, you will be fine with what your putting down. I don't even have strut braces and my car seems to be just fine. My engine is 325hp/340tq at the flywheel. I don't drag it at the track or road course either. Like most everyone else here, if you just building a street car with some "spirited" drive time, a cage is going to be nothing more than something that will get in the way.
  7. Go with the Subaru forester rack! I did the swap and the car drives awesome! I have a write up in my build thread on what needs to be done and the parts needed.
  8. Hey Everyone!! One source of contention for my wheels (XXR's) is that the center cap on the front doesn't fit due to the dust cover for the front hub! Given a 40 year old car my caps were beat to death and I hated looking at them. Anyway, today I found set of MR Gasket dust covers, part # 2485, they are chrome and tap right on!! Funny how such a little thing can made me so happy!! Anyway, here is how it looks!
  9. it's easier to get it and install it and not need it than it is to not get it and then later want it. So I'd go spend the extra on the alignment lift alone with the extra capacity. Also, I'd call and ask about a discount since you are buying two of them to offset the cost of the upgrade. Any chance one of your neighbors is selling their house?
  10. Here you go Target. First you need a Subaru Forester rack (mine was 1999) Ebay $100 bucks. 2 Volvo S80 inner tie rods $30 each Borgenson Universal joint $85 3/4 inch bushing drilled out to fit Z steering shaft. 2 280z right side outer tie rods. Standard Z poly rack bushings, left side ground down to fit the square rack. You do need to slightly modify some of the parts (cut down the threads on inner rods slightly, same with outer) and modify the cross member (left side motor mount and left side rack mount, the Z mount is round the Subaru rack is square and the angle of the input shaft is different) and come up with a power steering pump. Other than that, it's a pretty awesome upgrade, the rack is faster and not to light so it's just right for the Z I think!! Nothing against the electric conversion, but this is way cheaper with common source-able parts.
  11. Wow, the car is awesome!! Love the details! Where did you get the petal "overlays" for the gas/brake/clutch? Do you like them and are they prone to slip off or anything? I love the look and want to do this to my car!
  12. I put a Subaru rack in my Z and just love it!! I've got the details in my build thread if you are interested.
  13. You are a good friend for doing that as well as passing this on Keith!!! Next time (if there is) just jack up the front of the car, that's what I had to do to my Z.
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