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  1. okay awesome. looks like ill pickin up some 16x9 -15's and probably use spacers in the rear and 9 in wide wheels fit 235-275's correct? i dont want to stretch my tires and dont want a huge bubble on the size of my rim. i figure anything from 245-255 would look fine, as long as i can find something that performs decent and doesnt cost my left arm thats fine with me
  2. I have been trying to learn the dang offsets for the different size wheels and widths for these s30's and cant seem to get rid of the headaches i get from trying to figure this all out. At first I thought the more negative you go, the further out it sticks, then a friend told me i was backwards, and now I have given up. I have zg flares on the way to the house, wont be installing them until I get rims and coilovers installed. I want to go ahead and get wheels now because one of my rims has a little dent in the edge causing a tiny little leak which makes me put air in the tire about every two w
  3. So who's correct? Iv seen both answers all over forums and the original owner of my car gave me a 5 speed with the car that I'd like to swap in until I do my rb swap and dont feel like doing anything real crazy to get this thing to fit. Old owner said it'd bolt right up, most people online say it bolts up, some say i need mustache bars and different length driveshafts, for a 76 280z with an r200 diff and an old 4 speed, wont a 5 speed from a 78 280z work just fine?
  4. Or updates on doors?! I am replacing a door as I type this and am surprised to how heavy this dang door is! Carbon fiber doors would save tonnnns of weight, and be great replacements for rusty doors.
  5. i have an hid brand i like and will use ill just need the replacement housing with the projectors retrofitted in. i like the dapper ones though, looks like quality and minimizes my chances for mistakes and leaks with the retrofit. its one of those small things that you want to do to the car that you dont want to have to redo lol. guys from dapper, ill give you a call when im ready! thanks for the help everyone!
  6. Hey guys, im pretty new to the forums, hopefully yall dont bash down too hard on me when i ask about hid setups... ive tried searching through threads and such and have had no luck, not very used to these forum things. anyways i am in the process of buying a z from a guy near me in nc here and have already made a list of things i want to do lol starting with mechanical things to tighten up all the bushings and get all the potential rust areas sanded down primered and coated with bedliner etc.. was wondering what you guys that have hid setups have done? this is going to be a weekend w
  7. has anyone ever tried any recaro seats from any of the evolutions? i wonder how some evo 3 or evo 8 seats would fit in a 280z.. http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l534/PPower1/Mitsubishi%20Evo%20IV/Interior4.jpg http://gtblogger.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Mitsubishi-Lancer-Evolution-VIII-interior.jpg
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