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  1. @Kennymonster seems to be no longer active over here 😕 Is there someone else with this type of camber top mounts? I can't understand why there's no thrust bearing. @tamo3 How did you solve this?
  2. @Kennymonster Bumping old thread - I bought the same bolt in camber plates for my 240z with stock type lowering springs/spring hats. Why is there no longer a thrust bearing (like with the stock upper insulator) needed? Does the stock spring hat only contact the inner part of the spherical bearing? Thanks guys!
  3. Does anyone know if the JDM spec 2005 WRX STI C-Spec R180 is any different? The spline count is 27, too. So I guess the Beta Motorsport adapters should work?
  4. I found rockers but I'm still looking for an internally oiled cam! Thanks guys!
  5. Hi guys, I need a full set of rockers (12) plus a L28 cam. The condition doesn't matter, I'll get them reground. I'm also looking for performance springs or a complete performance valvetrain. Thanks!
  6. Digging up this old thread: Can I keep my stock 240z ignition coil and stock 240z tach if I want to use a 280zx E12-80 distributor? I found mixed info about that..
  7. Hi guys, please let me know if you have an air dam, a rear LH quarter panel or metal fenders for a 71 240z for sale. Thanks! Found one
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