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  1. Agreed. Reinstall the spindle shaft correctly and be done with it.
  2. This is very cool, unique shape. Did you model the design after a specific dash?
  3. Does this mean you are leaving then?
  4. Yes he is; http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/84828-project-pt88-turbo-ls2350z-begins/
  5. Not trying to change the topic but I think with the S30, getting air flow through the radiator is probably more important than which radiator to choose. I have read the JTR and the thicker 100% aluminum radiators do an admirable job of cooling, more than adequate so long as they have the air flow through them to remove the heat. A good fan is part of that, reading through the windtunnel discussions, the Aero modifications like ducting the grill opening directly to the radiator opening all 4 sides, sealing the core support all appear to have the largest impact on improving cooling efficiency. sorry for off topic.
  6. Are you expecting performance gains using the SX suspension under the Z cause that would be be alot of work for no real gain other than comments at the shows like "wow, thats different" which is why you don't see many that have done it. FOr the work involved in swapping the S13 front and rear suspension you could redesign your front and rear that will perform better and be cool at the shows. There are other ways to get 5 lug, bigger brakes etc. Oh, and the long nose Datsun R200 has tougher output shafts than the SX, J30 and Z32 short nose R200 differential, Q45 short nose R200 stubs might be as tough.
  7. If you are absolutely sure the trans is the determining factor here, not the pressure plate, you may want set one of the fore most Datsun Gurus around, Mr. Carl Beck, straight regarding his technical insight on Datsun Clutch collars in the link below. http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?t=26047
  8. What trans you have makes no difference it is the pressure plate height that matters. I have no idea regrading the clutch you have but a quick search for Clutch Collar brought this article up regarding L28ET clutches and collars; http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php?/topic/84365-throw-out-bearingcollar-question/page__p__799532__hl__clutch+collar+length__fromsearch__1#
  9. Which Mazda do you own, rx7 rx8 miata? Bmw's I am not overly thrilled of the latest body styles so much, they look a lot like some of the korean cars, lost some of their distinct bmw style. Some of the vintage bmw race cars do catch my eye. Tom
  10. I did not say or state that I dont drive spiritedly, nor did i write my post in such a way as to imply that, those are your words. Yes the kid handled himself pretty well when called on his lack of discretion. We also understand the ass is the owner of the bmw by the obvious fact he is driving a bmw and by the obvious title of the thread. I am not trying to cause any trouble I was merely posting my observation reading between the lines and noted this thread looks a lot like anti bmw owner sentiment making a public dig at bmw owners. like they are somehow more ass like than other car owners, nothing more. There are so many other vidoes of people acting like an ass on youtube, it was your choice to share this one under that title in nontech of a datsun forum. If I am missing it all together I am sorry, feel free to elaborate the point of that video under its title. Tom
  11. The displacement difference between the l26 and l28 could be a problem. I understand the afm from the maxima l24 efi has a much different eletrical curve versus the l28 afm and can not be tuned to run properly on an l24. The l28 efi, afm and injectors are tuned for the l28 displacement which can be made to run a on different engine or different displacement of datsun Lseries 6 cylinder but probably cannot be tuned for 100% smooth operation under all conditions. Best bet is use an injector that is the same percentage smaller in flow vs the l28 injector, then the chances of getting the l28 efi to to run smoothly in most or all conditions will be better or install an l28 under the l28 efi. Tom
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