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  1. I think this may be what I am looking for, PM and we will see.
  2. Hit up for answer and then.....................................gone!
  3. Just cruising old posts, info about Bruces car is on facebook. Tells you part numbers and all. Godd luck guys
  4. Having done considerable fiberglass work I offer these ideas to consider. Where steel panels can and will flex will cause cracking of bondo or non adhesive fillers such as low density. IF covered with fiberglass cracking flexing would be less. IF adhesive (high density and or fibers) filler panels will tend to be like one piece panel and less likely to crack. Use glass fiber or adhesive filler stronger option, least likely to crack. Welding of panels and adhesive filler and glass fiber over strongest I believe.
  5. Well I went to Cardone web site and got proper info needed. If looking for this model check them out.
  6. I went to parts store and there are two afm's available part#s 74-20099 and 74-20086. Anyone had any experience sourcing afm for this model? Differences between them? PO replaced and not sure it was correct one put in car.
  7. Yes sir, what He said worked for me.
  8. + that! A guy who is "always here" need to get under the hood and get dirty ( O no) to get results. Or there is the dream on way of doing it, where one just gets more and more proven ideas, then bashes them with " I read" ...... Thanks to all the contributors who give proven and useful ways to remedy an issue.
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