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  1. Just sold the Z yesterday. Younger guy, he's pretty excited about it, I'm happy for him. Just wanted to thank the community for inspiring and helping over the years. I hope that some, of the very few, of my contributions help others like those that have helped me! Thanks again. Bill
  2. Sold it yesterday for $6800. Guy lives less than a mile from me, so it should be easy to keep tabs on it. Hopefully he can move it along, I just lost interest. This site has been a great asset, so all you newcomers stick to it. You won't find a better resource than Hybridz.org.
  3. Just bought a set of RX-8 Seats for it, will start messing with it once I get the garage organized. The plan is to button up the interior, and attempt to find a decent deal on a paint job and re-list.
  4. did you look at mine? It actually meets all of your specifications, it's just not in Cali. http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/101325-74-260-jtr-v8-fore-sale/
  5. Thanks for the input Marcus. I think you are about right on with that price and what people have been willing to offer. Most guys don't want a project, they want a driver. So it looks like i'll have to find some time and clean her up a little. I'll leave it posted for sale, I can not put much money in her but I can spend some time. I think that and a decent cheap paint job will help alot.
  6. Had a couple of guys look at is over the last few weeks, but no sale yet. Do you guy's have any advice for me? Priced too high? Just finish it out and ask a little more? Thanks Yall.
  7. Yep, that's what I did. Got everything from 'thegearbox.org'. I've had no issues, due to the fault of the trans. T5 is also lighter and smaller than the T56. You can make it as strong as you need it to be.
  8. In the Z, I only went as fast as I felt I had control, couldn't have been much over 100. Steering got progressively softer and I was drifting across the highway and shut it down.
  9. No life issues forcing the sale, just don't have the drive anymore. Eventually I'd like to get into an 80's Turbo 911, so this Z would need to make room for that. Right now, I'm trying to finish my masters, start a family, and get settled in a new home with lot's of projects. Don't need the cash, but do need the room and would like to see someone finish her out. Craigslist add and my Facebook album with recent photos added at the end. http://tulsa.craigslist.org/cto/2839016489.html http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.7040464244.20383.647374244&l=c48de480da&type=1 I'm getting some activity now that I have pics up. If I don't get any serious money offeres, then I may finish it out a a minimum level, paint basic interior etc.
  10. Once the weather clears up, my wife said she'd help me get some decent pics of the car up.
  11. BUMP, this needs a bunch more sigs before it goes anywhere. I can't believe there is only 5k signatures!?
  12. You won't upset me, and I won't ignore any offer. I might just simply tell you no. PM or email me and we can go from there.
  13. Bump, life still in the way. Anyone needing pics should probably email me directly if you are serious, just click on my profile and look under contact information, use the email link, not the yahoo stuff. I remember to check this about every other week. I'm flexible on price, I really want the car to go to a good home and see it finished. This car starts, runs and drives excellent right now. Only needs cosmetics and some minor tuning tweaks, based on how you want to drive.
  14. Sorry guys, between work and school I'm just buried. I do have the car home, I'll get Crystal to take some nice 'recent' photos before it gets cold out. See if the link below will work for you all, this is mostly build pics. Car has a stock hood on it now. Build Album
  15. Go to thegearbox.org, Kevin will hook you up with all the needed parts to upgrade your T-5. Mine is holding up great.
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