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  1. Just sold the Z yesterday. Younger guy, he's pretty excited about it, I'm happy for him. Just wanted to thank the community for inspiring and helping over the years. I hope that some, of the very few, of my contributions help others like those that have helped me! Thanks again. Bill
  2. did you look at mine? It actually meets all of your specifications, it's just not in Cali. http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/101325-74-260-jtr-v8-fore-sale/
  3. Yep, that's what I did. Got everything from 'thegearbox.org'. I've had no issues, due to the fault of the trans. T5 is also lighter and smaller than the T56. You can make it as strong as you need it to be.
  4. In the Z, I only went as fast as I felt I had control, couldn't have been much over 100. Steering got progressively softer and I was drifting across the highway and shut it down.
  5. BUMP, this needs a bunch more sigs before it goes anywhere. I can't believe there is only 5k signatures!?
  6. Go to thegearbox.org, Kevin will hook you up with all the needed parts to upgrade your T-5. Mine is holding up great.
  7. I have about the same engine build as you do 240ZBOY. I took a V6 World Class T-5, bought all new hardened (Mustang Cobra) internals and rebuilt it myself for about 500 bucks which is holding up fine my build. I've got some posts on it somewhere, probably 4 or so years ago. Website was 'thegearbox.org' where I got all my parts from.
  8. Hey, sorry about your S2K. I just posted my V8 260 here, I'm not in Cali, but it's a fun car. http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/101325-74-260-jtr-v8-fore-sale/
  9. Jonas, that looks perfect. Just need to trim a little like Dan suggested earlier and you are ready to go. Just another note, if that trans does not hold up, it is a fairly easy upgrade / rebuild to a harder set of gears. Get with Kevin at http://www.thegearbox.org/home.html he can help you through the entire deal.
  10. 1 The colors should match from one side of the connector to the other. There may be a few instances where that is not the case but I've not run into that.
  11. I have pretty bad wheel hop too. I totally rebuilt my rear suspension when I did the build. I am wondering if the pinion angle changes a bunch under hard throttle. I replaced the diff mount with a new stock replacment. What do you all think?
  12. You could try to develop a standard set of processes with time standards by size or something like that, and apply those standards against each job that comes in. Typically it is pretty difficult to set up standards in a job shop but I'm sure there are some folks that have a process. Check out some of the Lean forums, i'll bet you'll find some ideas there.
  13. I have one, black, everything is straight, don't have rubber set off spacers or all of the mounting hardware. Let me know if you can use it.
  14. Pulled all the dash wiring and the fuse stopped blowing, now to find some time and replace everything one at a time.
  15. I enjoyed it. For those that saw it, did you think that Leno was right? Because he had it built, he was a little reckless with it?
  16. I was intrigued, but it seems that 'Library' may be the term used when talking about the entire offering from a maker. Could your dad maybe just like all Glenlivet? Maybe a Scotch Buff could help...
  17. Glenfiddich 12 is great at under $30 a bottle. Typically for whiskey, I prefer the single or blended singles. The blends that add 'process' whiskey are typically too harsh for me. Having said that, I've sampled quite a few but I'm not as much as a taster as I'd like. Spent some time in Scotland, but worked too much to get to do the traditional whiskey tour, ended up going to a museum Is this closed to Bourbon? Makers Mark with 1 cube of ice is just fine by me, and I got a bottle of Evan Williams for Xmas, which isn't too shabby.
  18. Personally I like the 'noise' the accurate timing was a side benefit
  19. I appretiate the input guys, lot's of perspectives, they help. I think I will finish the car as much as I can before I sell at the very least. By then who knows my feeling may change. It's been as much about the process of going through and entire car as it has been about having a V8 Z. I'm pretty sure once I've completed all the parts of the project, i'm not sure how much I'll drive it. If I had more storage it would be as big a deal, but I am constatnly having to wade around it in the garage when working on other stuff for the house, it's just getting old.
  20. I used to be fairly active on the boards but work got in the way for a bit starting in 2006. When I was done traveling, I got the Z running, and have put maybe 1000 miles on it. It's alot of fun to drive, and really love the car, but I'm struggling to find energy to finish it. There is alot going on in my life right now and it seems the passion to tinker with the Z just isn't there. I'm back in school, my wife is starting a new career and we are talking about starting a family. We don't need the money, so it's not a motivator, I don't know what I'll even do with what I could get out of it, probably just invest it untill I figure that out. The car runs increadibly well, it could use a proper tune but she alway starts right up, there are no shimmys and feel's pretty tight all around. There is a lot of work needed to finish the car. Most of it is cosmetic, but there are a quite a few little things everywhere that need to be finished for the car to be just right. I have carpet and fabric to start finishing the car, just no drive. Basically the thought runs through my head whenever I think about the car, but when I look at it in the garage, I see so much potential. Not sure what to do, not looking for advice, I guess I'm just getting this out. I doubt I can get anything close to what I have in it the way she sits. I feel if I painted and half way put the interior together, I could probably double what I can ask for the car. I don't know what the market for these V8Z's is around here, Tulsa, OK. Anyway, there it is. Thoughts and input appretiated. Here she is pretty much as is today, although the hood is on the car and still have SCCA stickers on her from one run two seasons ago! http://www.facebook.com/#/photo.php?pid=648715&id=647374244
  21. Same here, ended up replacing the 30+ hoses as well, replaced the valve with a simple ball valve.
  22. It just seems a bit tame ,and smooth to be a Cobra. Sorry, I'm still in the party that thinks you need to crap your pants a little when you get on it. Numbers seemed good, but for what money? I really am about being unique, I just don't like this combo.
  23. I'd buy one, and grow a mullet if it was a requirment...always had a soft spot for the bird.
  24. Somehow I feel like if I watch this, I'll never move on to another project...looks pretty interesting though.
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