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  1. Look how much rear axle lives on this thing! wow, those control arms has heim joints. must be cause shorter than stock pivot points? dont fix it if aint broken! your multi-link axle is safe bet
  2. https://i.imgur.com/YNeowqG.jpg yeah, cracked weld. pain to find! held 8bar of air but 4bar of oil leaked thru
  3. weight those te37´s please. https://www.braid-wheels.com/img/product/512-512-ESCALA/forged_i.png There is braid forged i which i think is same weight range and you can get them your own specs. 1000$ each
  4. found cheap motec rims wheel weights with tyre 16.9kg (185R 14" 12.7kg) bit tight clearence to spring plate but seems to be enough. Big oil leak on pressure side of oil pan, unfortunately i have to do it again, maybe weld has cracked
  5. https://i.imgur.com/zTNvmjO.jpg replaced my flat steering wheel to deep one, ergonomy seems much better now. https://i.imgur.com/1kzvThz.jpg https://www.motec-wheels.de/images/motec/motorsport/produkte/MCRY/detail/MCRY-6516-weiss-schr.png got cheap 215/60R15 tyres, im looking if used ET15 motec rims pop up for sale i might put those under Z
  6. https://i.imgur.com/zvTZsoE.jpg as i have occasional steering wheel shimmying, im running stock bushing. i have full PU bushing kit. Is this 100% safe way to try if shimmy comes from soft bushings?with stock bushings compression rod moves really nice, pu on fron rubber rear, pu bushing moves a bit on its place and makes some noise on rod moving. whats your thoughts? im thinking just try lil bit harder rubber bushing on front, maybe some other brand oem bushing
  7. Here is my oil pump, this thing is heavy! i could get huge weight savings using aluminium oilpan and singlestage automotive pump, but this has support bearing and doesnt seems to care little higher rpms.
  8. i did custom engine support bar today, i oil pan leaks that much i have to fix it. maybe i have to do new carrier for external oil pump too, real drysump would be nice as well but theres no room for those things. Last week i was on vacation with Z, 640km, no issues.
  9. these ride very nice, except 2 of these hankook tyre aint round. i dont have good luck with tyres. i need to stop ordering tyres online. i took couple full throttle runs, 185 tyre burns so easily, i had to tightened rear lug nuts after. 5 lug hubs might be good idea as well.
  10. https://xfelgi.pl/tomason-tn1-45x14-4x1143-et10 In finland we have mopedcars, one cylinder diesels so youngsters can drive them with moped driving licence. Found mopedcar rims 4x114.3 et10, its direct fit to rear axle, front needs to turn lil bit larger. but guys, 100€ for wheels which weight 4.5kg!! that polish site says wheel is rated 580kg. hope its true. 100€ cheap price for own death
  11. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/kyKNIlYgUjI/maxresdefault.jpg im so tempted to try these tyres, probably would ruin ride quality
  12. Summer getting here, took it on drive after modifications and smaller rear brakes seems much better, braking on a corner rear stays stable. these 185 width tyres doesnt have much grip on full abs braking but ride is nice for 240z.
  13. I have to drive more now downsized rear brakes. Before it felt like rear already started to bite and front were still closing gap away from pads. Maybe 1" on front and 23.8mm to rear master would help. I have new rotors on front, zero wobble. That doesnt mean they are straight
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