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  1. Would not call it a problem, its just finding best driving character for you. Could even be 20mm bar to strut same as 1" bar to apex control arm second softest spot. Me having 18mm and 20mm bars i have 4 different swaybar settings on front
  2. i might have to talk with machine shop about custom hubs sometime. extra 30mm for geometry to take 45ET rims and hub centric desing. Again rear axle gives me headache ce28n 15x6 for integra DC2 racing is 5kg rim.
  3. At this point i wont use those cause price and longevity and i find that shape of link best for this mod at this point. Gaining weight again with this mod
  4. Some ripping on right side PU bushing too 280z must have different parts cause they are so much heavier? Techno toy tuning arms weight 2kg more than early 240z part?
  5. Just measured i need 190mm swaybar link, i know MOT guys might not like cutted and welded link but its 10min job to attach sway bar to factory points for MOT. im doing this mod https://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-E30-E36-sway-bar-strut-mount-weld-brackets/253877569934?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 But again i have to criticise these parts, look how much you lose to leverage. you can only get softer with these parts But for the effectiveness to leverage to bmw it´s about +2mm (18mm bar acts as 20mm bar) but cause 240z sway bar mount is closer to lower ball joint im guessing +1mm for effectiveness Quick google to 190mm sway bar link says crown vic link might fit, thats not cheap find in Finland https://www.ebay.com/itm/165mm-210mm-Ball-Joint-Adjustable-Roll-Sway-Bar-End-Link-For-Lexus-Toyota-Nissan/264294647769?hash=item3d893047d9:g:Fd4AAOSwGhFcvW8f These are easiest. But citroen parts are 5€ each, just need to cut and weld
  6. How much lighter to mine is your alloy hub with that subaru ring. (i got bearings, washer and center nut included)
  7. Bmw E30 M3 went sway bar to strut from normal E30 sway bar to control arm for more efficient leverage, M3 uses lighter and thinner front sway bar. Anyone weld tab to strut? I made quick look and it sure does doable to early S30
  8. https://www.silverminemotors.com/sway-bar-kit-for-240z-260z-280z choose that which has same shape.
  9. Ring is larger so minimum took from hub and adapter fitted
  10. If stock abs unit is used i would/will use sensors/rings from that car. Not with scope but multi meter reads ac, atleast somehing is coming out. Air cap seems quite small. Front aint problem but rear is more difficult
  11. Today i took transverse links out and made jig for it. Now i can start design one piece transverse links. im using stock transverse member at this point. Stock material is 4mm but i think im going for 5mm, just have to make few holes to keep it light. Very rough sketch above Stock moustache bar and transverse links weight around 6.1kg
  12. Not yet, started working my car two months ago. Wiring and rear sensor/ring air gap setup missing this point. Dont even know if abs unit is working or not, old used part
  13. Very nice helm´s you guys have, choosed with good taste. im wondering if these 700gram wheels flex as much wish.com steering wheels
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