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  1. arm is getting better so i could file some holes. on frame those M10 which supposed to be 68mm spacing i got 67mm. i watercutted both spacing so i have to put them to frame and measure few things. maybe cannot perform that just yet. This part weights 1640g, mustache bar with bushings were 3.2kg. i dont know how much heavier this ends up when its finished.
  2. got this over month waiting, but snapped my arm today so maybe 2 month pause from everything.
  3. Yeah, doesnt help when large swaybar is hooked up those. Material needs to be chosen right at least
  4. Those pics i have seen before. Sure i believe you about those to be broken. Just wanted to see one, was it that 4mm transverse link plate to crack or 10mm bolts ripped thru from body?
  5. If one side goes other side will follow. Its possible if theres loose bolt some of those 8 bolts. Maybe if someone post picture broken one i lower my 100% it will last rate to 99% But yeah, im changing these
  6. That flex on rear might be from bushing, i dont think that moustache bar to transverse link support change a thing. Only helps if you drift mad with wide tyres. I have incoming watercut part which replaces transverse links and moustache bar to one part and uses same hooking points. Other post its said catastrofic failure, havent heard none of stock tranverselinks ripping out of body, even on 1000hp have been ok. I thought that front supports too but i have no room on front, 4" downpipe and gearbox blocks everything
  7. You can easily tune your air gap sensor like that. I got fixed air gap of 0.5mm. What is recommend air gap for sensor like that? Seems you have hall sensor, that is easy to check cause it just switches that in coming voltage, its not as strict to air gap like inductive is. If it switches it work. Inductive on abs case lits abs light if there is 0.5mm difference
  8. Havent heard whole aluminium case 188 but E46 E39 compact 188 is slightly lighter. Keski-korpi drifting team uses welded one on their drifter. Ripped of from subframe last season
  9. 3.45:1 168mm diameter ring gear blow up. usually its planetary which goes out. mine´s are 2.79:1 and 2.65:1 ratios. Wont´change to 188 cause 168 has been good, its lighter and less parasitic loss
  10. So no problem registering car with heim joints (T3 rear control arm) in switzerland?
  11. This type of parts looks best swap before changing whole rear axle to something else, S13 ,S14, R32 or even something else. My fragile parts has been fine cause automatic transmission, Small case bmw diff can be broke even stock 4-cylinder bmw engine with manual transmission. Started wiring abs so they are 80% done damn shieet, that barra looks similar to OM606. CLEAN!!
  12. I might not even have as much movement as this car has
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