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  1. I will definitely give your build thread a read through -- I'm sure I'll learn a few things Thanks John -- Diff builder did say bushings would be needed and that it was no issue for him to put them in (I suppose my phrasing of "no issue" was a bit misleading). I appreciate you pointing me to the exact bushings I need -- it'll more than likely save me a pretty penny compared to having my builder source them!
  2. Very cool to see someone else with a similar setup -- finally got a hold of OS Giken today and they gave me the info on which unit to use (NS046-HA), but did tell me the unit needs to be shimmed to the side, and some special Nismo bolts need to be used (38102-RS500). Glad to see that this setup has actually been done before! I've heard these are some of the best/strongest posis for road racing. I hope I can send some questions your way in the future when this stuff really starts to come together since we are in relatively similar situations.
  3. So I've reached a point where my research capabilities are failing me. I want to use an OS Giken Superlock in my longnose r200 (I know there is some mention of bushings to match bolt sizes? Not sure, but my diff builder said it was no issue). I know they have one for the 240Z R180, but there is no specific mention of one for the R200 from the 280Z. Are there any other long nose R200s that are identical such that a posi made for it would work in my current housing? I will be running the AZC suspension/brakes all around, 19 inch wheels in the rear with 305/30/ZR19 Hankook RS3s. Thus, I am
  4. Haha goal is 500+whp N/A, but I wouldn't be surprised if we end up closer to 550. I will definitely be putting a lot of work into the rear end -- still sorting through threads to find a great road race setup. Hoping to just modify the R200 that's in the car (Quaife, maybe?) Hoping I won't need to find an R230. Definitely not racing in any championships -- my brother and I are going into this together for weekend fun. It'll be track car number 2 with our old E36 M3 not being quite fast enough for us anymore. I appreciate the heads up with respect to CobraMatt's build thread -- I will h
  5. Thank you so much for the help -- confirming that makes it a lot easier to pull the trigger on the trans! I will be using the JCI mounts and will definitely look into the long tubes. I think I found the group buy thread in my searches. Also, being a road race/track car, it seems that the Quick Time housing will be the way to go. I also appreciate the insight on the coating (I'm all about only spending money once...) Thanks again! I really need to start a build thread soon...
  6. Still doing a lot of research here, but I am stuck on what is probably a dumb question. I have an LS7 (Picking it up from machine shop today!) that I will be swapping into my 75 280z. I am confused on which T56 Magnum I should buy. This isn't from a performance standpoint, but for which vehicle should I order the transmission (98-02 Camaro)? (planning on going Tick or RPM stage IV/V). Also, does anyone have any insight on which bellhousing will fit 1&3/4" longtubes the best? Thanks for the help.
  7. How do you think the Holly Dominator's self-tune ended up compared to what a manual tune would do? I'm curious as to whether or not you think there is power/driveability left on the table...
  8. I really appreciate the constructive responses. Matt -- are there any true restrictions with the MS3-Pro when compared to using a stock computer? Does any OBDII functionality remain? Also, does it support drive by wire or only mechanical throttle linkages? I'm really between the MS3 and going the stock route at the moment. Can anyone else give experiences with either and any drawbacks they found to either system? Thanks Again
  9. Hi everyone, I am new to the HybridZ community, but I have been a lurker for a while now. I've begun the planning phase of swapping a modified LS7 into my 240Z. I have most of the build planned out, but I am stuck on what the best option is for engine management. I know there has been success with both OEM computers as well as aftermarket systems. I suppose my question revolves around what is needed to successfully integrate an LS motor from an electronics standpoint, and are there any serious limitations on using an OEM Computer/Harness setup? Also, if I missed the relevant thread
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