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  1. Hello Richard Thank you for the reply. I will have a look!
  2. Hello Richard Can you direct me to the AC unit that sits on the passenger side of the engine? I have been unable to locate it.
  3. Steering column wiring Hope this helps! Z Wiring Harness Main Color/Stripe Color ----> Main Color/Stripe Color Painless # Description Left Signal post White/Black ------------> Lt Blue 949 Left Rear Turn Left Signal post White/Black ------------> Yellow 926 Left Front Turn Right Signal post White/Red ------------> Blue 948 Right Rear Turn Right Signal post White/Red ------------> Green 926 Right Front Turn Signal Center Post Green ------------> Black 953 Flasher Head Light Power Red (heavy gauge) ------------> Red/Black 925 HL 12v Head Light Power 2 Green ------------> Orange 959 HL 12v High Beam post Red/Yellow ------------> Light Green 908 High Beam Low Beam post Red/White ------------> Tan 909 Low Beam Dimmer center post White/Red ------------> Blue/Yellow 907 High Low switch Running Lights switch Green/White ------------> Brown 929 Tail Lights Running Lights switch Green/White ------------> Brown 927 Front Park Lights Running Lights switch Green/White ------------> Brown 930 Instrument Lights
  4. rbzed25 Thanks for sharing, really looks great! Did you do the welding?
  5. I just pulled up my receipts on the computer from my LS1/T56 swap. So far I have spent $18,937.36. Now, I did everything to this car myself minus the paint work. Interior, exterior, five lug conversion, coil overs, Disc brakes, Etc, Etc, Etc. The car has been on the road since October 5, 2015. She has about 6,000 miles on her at present and runs fantastic. During this time I have had the brake booster rebuilt, and replaced the in-tank 2002 Camaro fuel pump. Now I am in the process of upgrading to the R200/CV Axle set up. Once this is accomplished, I will complete the Vintage Air System I have installed.
  6. Thank you for the reply! Can you please reach out to me when a set becomes available?
  7. Hi Chris, Good question...We have been installing LS series engines in the S30 chassis for over 14 years now. With that being said, more information is needed to give you a proper reply. First, what engine mounts are you using? Is this a 240, 260, or a 280z? All of these are included in the s30 chassis, but each very different when it comes to floor pans. Search "Best spark plug wire" or "Burning spark plug wires". These two searches will open up a great amount of insight and frustrations! Search "Long tube headers". This search will expose the lack of information we've had over the years about floor pan difference with each model. What starter is being used, how long is it, and bell housing! I have the John's car set up. If I didn't live in California, I would have purchased his headers simply because they fit better then the Sandersons. Because of this, Sandersons were the most logical choice. I still haven't found the "perfect fit plug wires" without some burning issues. Long tub headers were out at the time I was making my decisions, but they only fit the 280z floor pans, with a shorter starter, ETC!!! So you need to answer the questions about your build. Once that is accomplished, this website is full of fantastic, knowledgeable individuals that are willing to lend help and or advice. We too have learned the same way, by trial and err.
  8. Hi John, Very important bit of information! Looking at options myself and not wanting to waste money. It's important to me to find someome with experience and not just an opinion. Thank you very much for sharing!
  9. Nope! Just "Nope" and nothing after the "Nope"? Can you please expound or share your reason for "Nope"?
  10. The clutch kit was OEM manufactured by LUK. Ryan the LUK rep went above and beyond to assist and make things right. I called prior to arriving, once I got there I became his priority. Twenty minutes later I had a completely new clutch set up. And yes, you do feel like "what am I doing wrong"? All I know is that after this experience, my left leg is twice as big as the right from pushing the clutch pedal! Lol. Down to the exhaust shop next:).
  11. Hello, I have an update to my T56 not going into gear. As directed, master cylinder was tested, bench bled, and found to work perfectly. The system was bleed completley with the removal of all air. All the stops on the clutch pedal were removed...no change. Pulled the engine/tranny again and pondered my next move. Got on LS1Tech and researched shims for the clutch slave cylinders. Made all the necessary measurements and ordered the needed shims from Tick Performance. With the proper shims installed I felt confindent I had found the solution. This would not be the case, still zero change with the slave cylinder shimmed! Really? I completely disassembled the clutch kit I had purchased and called the supplier. They directed me to return the clutch for inspection, which at this point I was very happy too. Upon testing the pressure plate they/we found it was the issue all this time. I now have everything new installed, tested, and back in the car, it works great! Went up and down my street terroizing the neighbors with open headers...Happy!!!
  12. 2001 LS1/T56 installed in a 1973 Datsun 240Z. Tilton Master Cylinder 75-875U, 32" hydraulic line. Stock z rod was swapped out for the Tilton and is fully extended. Remote bleeder line is also installed. Brand new stock clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing/slave cyiinder, and flywheel. So here's the issue I'm having...The transmission will not go into gear, any gear. The line has been bleed numerous times with no air or change. Let me add here that this is the SECOND slave cylinder now on this car. The first one blew the seal and leaked the fluid out. This was done by simply pressing the clutch pedal trying to bleed the system. The car has zero miles on it. I have read through the threads here and have yet to discover a simular issue. So if your out there and you found a solution to this issue...Help please, Thanks!!!
  13. I think the most important thing here is you! What type of learner are you, visual or audio? If you're a visual, hands on type learner then follow RebekahsZ plan which is well laid out. If you learn better by reading, then Miles has sent you in the right direction. RebekahsZ reference to old men with gray hair isn't always the case, some of us haven't much hair at all. LOL. So here are some words of advice from an old man...Don't Buy Cheap Tools! Good luck and enjoy the Ride!
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