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  1. Thanks for the shout out! We are glad you are loving it!
  2. Yes sir Hybrid Z members get a reduced price of $875.00 plus free shipping to the lower 48 states. Any other information you may need let me know. Chip
  3. Hey Eds260z The 260z's had the 180 diff. The years you were asking are from the 280 Z. From 1975 to 1978 there the R200 3.545 gear ratio. Those also took the 29 spline stub axles of which the MFactory LSD is also 29 spline. If you need more info contact me Chip
  4. Eddie M. There are some LSD's available. If you have any questions let me know. Thanks, Chip JDM Powerhouse
  5. Here is my E mail exlifesaver@yahoo.com
  6. Will need full name and shipping address Unit is dropped shipped from California and shipped free with signature confirmation at your end. Email and Paypal addresses A payment request will be sent to you HybridZ members are offered the dicount price of $875.00. What type of Z are you upgrading?
  7. Hey Tonythefish Not sure if you received my message back to you this morning. I think internet was going in an out. Anyways there are some MFactory R200 LSD's available now. When you think you are ready to order, There will be a few bits of info. I'll need from you. Other questions just contact me. Thanks Chip
  8. I 'm not sure have both of these posts got hooked together But to answer yours Datsuns: Your asking about the fitment Of the MFactory R200 LSD into a 1984 280zx MT NA As I recall that vehicle comes with the open diff R200 3.9 gears and CV joints , 29 spline stub axles. Can I get a conformation on this info so far from you? Then I can proceed Chip
  9. Hey Dale Thanks for inquiring information on the MFactory LSD. How can I help you. If you have many question give me a call 1-252-261-3107 I'm near this phone most afternoon and evenings. Chip
  10. Hey Adam I take it you want information on the purchase of the MFactory LSD The price to Hybrid Z members is $ 875.00 Shipped to the lower 48 states. Calif. Addresses pay their sales tax If this is something your are interested in contact me with shipping address and paypal address for payment A payment request will be sent to you All shipments require signature confirmation Thank you Chip
  11. Hey DonH You can pickup from MFactory/Synchrotech in San Dimas I may have a better price than the factory especially with HybridZ members You would still have to pay Calif. Sales Tax but picking up is still ok. On the HybridZ forum MFactory R200 gives you all the information. The units are $875.00. Give me a reply regarding ordering or any other questions. Thank you Chip
  12. Hi These diffs are still available for the the R200 with free shipping within the lower 48 US states for $ 875.00. Anymore information you may need please contact me. Thanks for inquiring Chip
  13. Diffs are still available $ 875.00 with free shipping continental USA Sales tax added to California address Thanks for the interest Chip
  14. New vendor thread added here.
  15. As some of you know we were part of a product development with Mfactory. The whole point of this was to bring the R200 more helical LSD options. This production was a great success with the help of great members of this community. The original thread is here. They are currently for long nose R200s with 10mm and 12mm Ring gear bolts. Accepts 29 spline stub axle shafts. Some key points about MFactory and their Helical LSD. Mfactory established in 2004 Covered by the MFactory Lifetime, Globally Transferable Warranty Diamond Cut to exacting tolerances from Forged High-Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum Steel (imported Japanese SAE 4320 & SAE 9310 Steel) Forged, Double Tempered and Super Sub-Zero treated for unsurpassed toughness Advanced Shot Peening technology increases surface hardness Designed to withstand the extreme shock loads of competition-level Drag Racing Advanced gear geometry designed using industry-leading software puts more power to the ground Only the highest quality Brighton-Best Hardware is used Maintenance-free Gears eliminates the need for special fluids & rebuilds associated with plate-type LSDs (I personally use AMSOIL Severe Gear 75w-90) Lock-free operation ensures no adverse affect to steering response MSRP: $999.95 Limited HybridZ member price: $875 shipped to lower 48. (CA residents must pay sales tax) All differentials are shipped from CA via UPS and have signature required delivery. Supplies are limited right now so act fast! If you are interested please PM me with your shipping address and PayPal Email address. Once we receive that information from you we can send you a payment request on Paypal. All orders are shipped same day (Mon-Fri not including holidays) if payment is received by 4:30PM EST (1:30PM PDT) Any questions please feel free to email me at nick@jdmpowerhouse.com, reply to this post, or shoot us a PM. MFactory contact info. 581 W. Covina Blvd San Dimas, CA 91773 (MFactory R&D / North American Sales & Distribution) Business Hours: Mon-Fri 7.30am - 4pm (PST) Tel: +1 909-592-5933 Fax: +1 213-455-2613 Web: www.teamMFactory.com
  16. Seattlejester I appreciate the way you replied to this thread. I am going to take your advice and post another thread in the venders section. In that vendor section I will have the link to the manufacting process (as I also have linked in this thread). I'm going to have a link to this thread in the vender thread just because there is already feedback here and everyone can see the history of the differential being developed. I don't want to start a feedback thread, doesn't seem right. If someone else that has purchased one likes it that much they will review it themselfs. As far as you still talking about this being sketchy, I'm confused as to why? Don't you think if anyone on here had problems they would have said something by now? Why is this all the sudden being sketchy after all these sales? And as far as Chris getting a differential with the thrush washers misaligned. We have already asked MFactory about that and how often it happens, they responded as hardly ever. They were extremely apologetic that it happened early in this product development. They offered chris to send it back to them and they would make it right and they told him how to fix it himself if he wanted too. (Which he chose to do it himself) As I've mention before this is something my dad (Chip) and me (Nick) have always dreamed of. Having a small business doing retail and doing fabrication to vehicles. 66 and 27 as for whatever reason age makes a difference? My website isn't completed yet, anyone that orders from us doesn't use the website. They send me the shipping address and their PayPal email then I send them a payment request. As far as grammar and punctuation, maybe I get to excited or caught up in the moment and don't proof read my post before posting them. Or maybe I need to go take another course in English, but facts are facts. Everyone that has paid for one has received them fast. Everyone hasnt had a problem except for chris to my knownledge, And that problem was fixed quickly. I hope that this clears up any confusion that anyone has. I want to take this time to thank everyone that has participated and the kind words of encouragement in helping make this differential available.
  17. What do we have to do to satisfy you NewZed? Have we not fulfilled our promises that we made, that you had doubts on ever since the beginning? The group buy was originally made to see if there would be a interest on getting differentials made for our cars from another manufacture. The only way to get this done is to buy 10 from MFactory so they can spend the money on R&D and it still made sense for them from a business stand point. WE fronted all the funds needed for that and took the word on the Hybridz members that said they would buy them because YOU voiced your doubts on us. Since then we have sold those ten and more. When Curtball said he was interested we sent him a PM with information, He told us he would get back with us. Are we not allowed to talk business over PM? MFactory doesn't allow us to advertise the price any lower then MSRP but we are selling them below MSRP to the HybridZ members to show our appreciation to this community. Really we need to start another thread in the for sale section but i didn't want to have double threads and this thread shows all the information that anyone would ever want about these diffs. We have been walking on egg shells around you thinking you may stop the thread because you thinks its "sketchy" and I'm getting tired of it. So i ask again, what can i do to gain your trust/satisfy you? Yes Greeko they are Rated at 1000HP
  18. Great job Chris and congradulations
  19. Per availability for this month only we can offer a special price for Hybrid Z members. We are not allowed to advertise the price below MSRP but you can PM us and we can tell you then. It will be substantially lower then MSRP. Act fast and take advantage of this great deal!
  20. Looking for the front turbo compressor outlet adaptor Thank in advance
  21. The next batch is ready to ship, I messaged everyone back that was interested in buying one. If anyone else is interested please reply here or send me a message. Gaiden_08 I'm almost positive it will fit in a short nose R200, but i am curious as to why you want to use a short nose over a long nose? The conversion from a long nose r180 to a r200 long nose are pretty easily obtainable.
  22. 78-280z Yes the 78 280z MT has the longnose 3.545 gears The automatic has a R180 with 3.545 of the same year. The initial offer of $ 700.00 for the first 10 units is over. The MSRP from the factory is $ 999.95. With Hybrid z members right now You can purchase one for $ 900.00 shipped. The next batch of LSD's should be available in the coming weeks. MFactory will contact me. We will contact you if still interested. Chip
  23. Looks great! Here is a FAQ on mfactory site about diff fluid. http://support.teammfactory.com/support/solutions/articles/8000007998-do-your-limited-slip-differentials-require-any-special-fluids-or-additives- We used amsoil severe gear 75-90 in our diff and rb25 tranny.
  24. With the backlash being out of spec I suspect some worn pinion and ring gear teeth at different points. Did you happen to measure any of that before removing original carrier? Are you able to measure runout on the carrier itself?
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