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  1. I drilled the hole and tapped the insulator 14mm x 1.50 if anyone is ever wondering what the bz3099 thread is. It looks like I might have to shave some of the insulator rubber off so the top spring perch will rest on the bearing easier. Is this normal? Thank you for the tap idea, idk why I didn't think of that!
  2. Ok went to sleep, I see what your saying. But when the suspention is compressed wouldn't the strut shaft want to move up if it is not resting on the bottom side of the insulator similar to how it is when using stock struts?
  3. Well that's the thing, I haven't drilled the hole in the insulator yet so I don't know how much thread will stick through. Maybe I'm over thinking this or maybe I've been up to long (going on 36 hours) wouldn't I want the insulator to bottom out on a ledge of the shaft on the bz3099 when bolted down? And wouldn't you want that ledge to be fairly large?
  4. I have been searching and racking my brain all morning trying to figure out a good way to install the ground control coil overs with the stock strut insulator using the BZ3099. The strut tubes are already sectioned and ready for everything to be bolted on, I just cant think of the best way to do it. Obviously the 3099s wont fit into the stock insulators, but if I drill the insulator so the treads will fit through I feel like there wont be enough surface on the 3099s below the threads. so the other idea was the turn the 3099s threads into a "D" shape but still the stock insulator "D" will still
  5. The design is in the works, we are simply looking for interest. They do not want to begin putting their time, money and resources into manufacturing a product if there is no market for it. We are only trying to show them that there are people out there who would be interested in it. The price we were given is the price they told us it would cost to produce and sell, however there will be no production OR selling unless we can prove that there are more people who would be willing to spend the money and purchase it. There are no "details" listed because there are very few "details" to give.
  6. We apologize for all the inconvenience caused by our thread. But just to answer the previous questions, the unit looks similar to the Quaiffe because the outside design has to be comparable to fit into the differential housing, but its stronger than the OBX. The price per LSD will be 700 dollars each, and the first 10 units sold will be shipped for free. If anyone is interested we would be more than happy to answer any and all questions and can be reached via PM or at nick@jdmpowerhouse.com Thank you all so much for your time, Nick
  7. We are in no relation to mfactory, my father and I are just a couple of guys that work on cars in our free time. We have built several cars some using quaife and some using mfactory. Several years ago my quaife in my honda gave out, when it came time for warranty quaife was anything but helpful. So I switched to mfactory because I had other parts from them that have proven themselves, and their customer service is one of the best I have ever dealt with. Long story short quaife left a bad taste in our mouth, so we didn't want to run them in our rb26 240z. We also didn't want to run OBX because
  8. ***Per availability for this month only we can offer a special price for Hybrid Z members. We are not allowed to advertise the price below MSRP but you can PM us and we can tell you then. It will be substantially lower then MSRP. Act fast and take advantage of this great deal!*** I am working on a 240z swap using the R200. It is very hard finding a R200 with the LSD. Pursuing other products on the market to achieve the open diff. to an LSD is not only expensive, purchasing a Quaife but is not practical installing a Phantom Grip or the conversion from Traction Concepts. The later products
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