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  1. Thank you Chris, couldn't have said it better myself!
  2. Glad you like it Emmet! We already have more in the making right now Tony.
  3. We can begin shipping the LSD's starting tomorrow! I will be sending messages to everyone currently on the list with instructions on everything we will be needing from you to ship your LSD. I would like to thank everyone on here for your support, we couldn't have done it without you! Attached is a picture of the collar i was talking about above. The line is a taper to allow for easier installation, the taper is installed towards the ring gear threads.
  4. It will fit into your r200 Chris Duncan, I will add you to the list. Great news! We have finished testing the LSD and everything turned out great just like we thought. Tomorrow we will be contacting Mfactory to see when we can ship these to everyone on the list. So far i think everyone on the list has 10mm ring gear bolts, we had a little mistake on the 12mm holes. They were drilled a little too big but we were able to get some spacers made by Mfactory to fix this. If you think you have 12mm ring gear bolts or if you plan to change to 12mm ring gear i recommend you get these spacers, we are
  5. Yes it will fit in your 83 280zx with a r200. It will fit any 29 spline shafts. Helical LSD's do not "lock up" You may be looking for a plate type LSD.
  6. Added yall to the list. First batch is $700 out the door. No PayPal fees added and no shipping added. We will post the email address to send payments when they are ready to be sold. Thanks guys for all your support!
  7. Since this has taken so much time to complete, it is hard to say who is still serious and who is not. It seems like we have about 5 people serious about buying one. Since we are almost ready to release these I think it is a good idea to start the list. If you are truly interested to buy one of these please reply now and I will add you to the list on the first post.
  8. Thanks for all halls help guys! Ended up there was no problem with with the hydraulic system at all. We had a "stuck clutch disc", first time I've ever heard or had this problem. That being said the factory 5/8 clutch master cylinder will work the factory 3/4 rb25 slave cylinder just fine. And if you ever have a stuck clutch disc, do this.. 1. Put the car in 4th gear and pull up the e brake 2. Push the clutch in and try to start the car. 3. Hopefully the starter had enough torque to break the clutch disc free from the flywheel or pressure plate.
  9. We are just two guys who have a passion for vehicles, who are slowly turn that passion into a successful business. MFactory stands behind their products no matter what. That means that even if you bought this from us, then sold it to your cousin, MFactory would still honor their warranty. The risk for you all is non existent, we paid all of the upfront costs to protect you all, and to follow all forum rules. We are also doing all of the testing. My website is still a work in progress, the two items for sale was just me testing the shopping cart. Through the process of getting this LSD m
  10. Thanks for all the replys guys! We have our MFactory LSD mounted into the rear end and all specs checked out great! We are currently waiting for our intercooler to come in the mail. Once the intercooler is in we can begin road testing the LSD then release it to the public! We have a couple unspoken for Tony C, so if you would like I can add you to the list. Hopefully we can begin shipping these out within the next few weeks.
  11. Thank you also Mark As soon as I figure out the right combination I'll definitely get back to this thread But really appreciate all the imput you all have given me.
  12. Having a problem with stock clutch master cylinder pushing the pin of the stock RB25 transmission slave cylinder the max. Interesting in knowing if anyone has had this problem and a cure may be a larger bore cylinder?
  13. Trying to find the Nissan Part number for the mounting spring lock clip for the emergency brake cable. There are 4 for the 240z
  14. Wow that looks great ZTR! I just made a cut just like that yesterday. I may do the same thing.
  15. Update! We now have the prototype in our hands and have some photos to share. The other 9 units are awaiting production, pending the approval of the prototype. (Meaning that we will be installing and testing it... Will update you all as soon as our project car is completed and the prototype has been tested.) Many of the 9 units that have yet to be made have already been spoken for, however there is still some availability. Due to the research and development costs being fairly higher than we anticipated, our cost of production went up. But because we already quoted 700, we will keep our word a
  16. Seems like a structural part of the car, do you have any problems with it bending now?
  17. Anyone have problems with the rb25 transmission speed sensor hitting on the 240z body? How did you correct this problem?
  18. MidnightCafe, I am unsure of what other data you might want. In the comments it is explicitly stated that; 700 dollars is the price of each unit. 10 is the number of units that would need to be purchased in order for them to begin production. There is a lifetime warranty. The units will be ready to ship in approximately 6 months. The first 10 units sold will be shipped for free. They will be "drop and go", meaning that aside from the unit itself, no other modifications will need to be made. They are rated to withstand up to 1000 horse power. I understand that my original
  19. After further discussions with MFactory regarding installation warranty. Warranty covers those purchasers of the LSD that have knowledge of installation of LSD. Does not necessarily mean a professional mechanic. The folks at MFactory are very reasonable when it comes to warranty. They make a tough and reliable product. That is why I continue to pursue the development of an R200 LSD. I doubt one would get this type of service anywhere else.
  20. Next time I talk with Mfactory i will ask for more detailed information on that and get back with you sleeperZ. Should be within the next couple days.
  21. This is for the warranty information for helghast7, this is directly off of Mfactory's website regarding ALL of their LSD units. TERMS: MFactory Competition Products will provide a limited lifetime warranty for all Helical LSD's to be free of defects in materials and workmanship upon receipt of product and professional installation. Parts returned must be determined by MFactory Competition Products to be defective before any warranty credit or replacement is issued MFactory Competition Products's obligation under warranty shall be limited to repairing or replacing, at its option, any
  22. In reference to johnc's thread dated March 2011 On my 240z I can exchange the Highly can not find BZ3015 for the can find anytime BZ3012 for rear cutdown strut tower with use of the ground control coil over sets. Just need to keep my original gland nut?
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