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  1. Does anyone know the minimum clearance needed between the back edge of the wheel and the spring perch?
  2. I'm a long time lurker who is trying to get his 260z on the road after a very long time. I recently bought some wheels and I seem to be having a wheel fitment issue. The car is stock. I have the Modern Motorsport wheel adapters to convert to a 4x100 bolt pattern. The adapters are 25 mm thick. The wheels I purchased are 16x7.5 40mm offset. The combination of the 40mm offset and the 25 mm spacer should result in 15 mm oddset which I have read on a couple of sites is the stock offset for that year z. I mounted one wheel on the front and the inside edge of the wheel is up against the perch where the spring sits. I'm surprised because I've read that people are running 16x8 wheels on a stock z.I could possibly get a wider spacer to push it out from the spring perch but it already appears to be outside the wheel well. Anybody have any insights?
  3. Congratulations on your project, I love to see old Z's brought back to life!
  4. Man, your car really looks sweet, everything you've done is top notch!
  5. That does look a lot better than stock!
  6. Your stuff really looks sweet! I'm envious!!!
  7. Who did all of the polishing/plating work?
  8. Thanks for the pictures. I'm shocked that the Koyo doesn't have a drain plug!
  9. Thanks to all who have replied so far. I was leaning towards the Champion but in an old thread people were chomping at the bit to get a Koyorad, hence the indecision. http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/66496-developing-the-ultimate-s30s130-radiator/page__hl__%2Bkoyorad+%2Bradiator
  10. I'm building a street car, 260Z L28ET. I've researched radiators quite a bit over the last several days. Which would provide better cooling- this 3 row Champion http://datsunpartsllc.com/cart/index.php?p=product&id=97&parent=0 or this 2 row Koyorad http://www.racinglab.com/koyo-radiator-088.html The Champion radiators have good reviews on a variety of car forums but the Koyorad has a good reputation as well. Thoughts welcomed
  11. Awesome project, my compliments to you!
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