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  1. I plan on swapping a 2JZ GTE VVTI into my 1978 Datsun 280Z. My goal is to hit 500hp, nothing crazy and plenty of power for that car. I was thinking of using a Garrett GTX3071R 2nd gen or a GTX3076R 2nd gen. For my power goals these are plenty and spool up really quick. A video I saw on YouTube showed a 2JZ swapped 240sx hitting 509hp on 20PSI with 264 cams and pump gas and full boost at 3300rpm. Since I plan on using a CD009 out of a 350Z and the differential from a Q45 which is 3.54, my gears aren't going to be super tall so I would rather have something more responsive. Regarding the ECU
  2. If I got the Q45 diff I would probably just get the whole subframe. Would be cheaper at the junkyard than to get the parts individually. Then I could have a 5 lug in the rear with the beefier axles that T3 would rebuild when I purchase their rear end conversion kit. How do you like the R154 with the 3.54 diff?
  3. Spoke with the people at T3 and since I plan on using their rear conversion kit I would need a 96 or lower Q45 differential. The 97 and up doesn't work. This is what they told me: 1990--->1996 Z32 300ZX Non Turbo comes in 5 lug hubs only (R200) CV's are 27 spline to 27 spline large CV Shafts have 5 star flanges 5 lug hubs CAN be swapped onto S13 and S14 CV's More attractive rear calipers E brake as a drum inside rotor 4.08 Final gear ratio 1990--->1996 Z32 300ZX Twin Turbo comes in 5 lug hubs only (R230) CV's are 28 spline to 28 spline CV Shafts have 6 star flanges
  4. This is not going to be a daily driver, just a fun weekend car. Maybe some canyon runs or a few laps at the track at events but that's about it. I just want a fun street car. I am definitely not trying to win any races or events in this thing as I am not going crazy modding the engine itself. Besides injectors, coils, ecu and single turbo the internals are staying the same. Having so many options available makes it really hard to decide what to go with. Things are so much easier on my RSX-S as there is only 1 engine I can swap for bigger numbers. What would you recommend? I want to get the mos
  5. Oh yeah I know. Been talking to Brett over at Collins Adapters and he recommends this transmission over the 300zx anyday. Even though it will be more work to put in, they are more readily available should something happen to it. What I am researching now is the differential. My buddy has the 300zx tranny with the 3.7LSD diff and he says he has problems getting more than 5psi in 1st gear due to having to shift. I still have my stock 3.54 differential. Will that work with the CD009? Should I get the Q45 differential which is also 3.54? I know some Supras run 3.266 differentials. I wa
  6. Yeah even if only slightly, it still gives me less room to work with. Plus I have OCD and seeing the engine off centered would drive me nuts lol
  7. I found a guy on FB selling the McKinney transmission mount for the CD009. He also has the CXRacing engine mounts. Said I could have it all for $350. That's why I am on here debating which motor mounts to go with. Might just get the tranny mount for now so I can at least have it.
  8. Yeah the Tech2 kit includes all of that but only if I decide to go with an R154 transmission. I was thinking of going with the Nissan 350z CD009 tranny instead so I would only need a partial kit from Tech2, just the stuff to mount the motor, which they quoted me at $1,250. Seems like it should be a bit cheaper since they are taking out the driveshaft along with the transmission mount. I thought more like half price but it is what it is.
  9. Yeah my buddy sent me pics of his engine as it sits and you are right, it is a bit off to the passenger side. I saw pics of the yellow 240Z that Tech2 built for SEMA a few years ago and it seems to be perfectly centered, at least compared to the hood latch mechanism. Can't tell from the pic if it sits further back or not.
  10. Did you sell the Tech2 kit or do you have it available for sale? They told me it was bolt on but someone just told me I would need to weld the cross member to the car. Which is it?
  11. I was wondering if anyone has experience with these 2 brands of engine mounts. The price difference is pretty big so curious if one is CXRacing is just cheap quality and price or if perhaps Tech2motorsports overcharges ($1,250 for engine mount kit without tranny stuff) for their mount kit even though it includes a modified cross member and CXRacing doesn't. Also, a buddy of mine used the CXRacing mounts and says the only thing he didn't like is that the engine sat a bit more away from the firewall than he would've liked. Has anyone used the Tech2 engine mounts? How far from the fi
  12. I just watched those videos. WOW! That is a lot of work!!
  13. Wow, thank you all for your responses. Seems like the general consensus is do it if I can fab the work myself and forget about it if I can't lol. Hope to continue getting info on this. Can anyone chime in on the differences they noticed? Did you go from stock S30 to S13/S14 and saw good improvements? Did anyone go from some T3 stuff to S13/S14? Thanks again for the info!
  14. Yeah trying to find out as much information as possible before deciding what to do. I have time so in no rush to jump into anything. Just started following someone on IG who is going to do an S14 rear and S13 front swap so the pics and info should be very helpful. My stepdad and stepbrother both know how to weld, but it still feels like a very extensive undertaking. Will need to continue doing research but all opinions are welcome. Thanks for replying
  15. Well I plan on keeping the 2JZ stock for now but eventually I want to do a single turbo, more aggressive cams, aftermarket ECU, bigger injectors and such. Going to go with 91 octane for fuel so no crazy boost. Would like to keep it around 450hp which should be easy to reach with the upgrades. Even stock I should be above 400hp I believe. I was going to get the front/rear LCA, tension rod, mustache bar, outer tie rod, drop mounts/dogbone combo, front and rear Wilwood brakes and I already have CV axles that need the adapter and the shorter shaft. Just wanted to refresh the suspension inst
  16. I am rebuilding a 1978 280Z and was planning all along to pretty much buy all of the suspension items available from T3, minus perhaps the coilovers since I wanted to go with BG Racing. I want to do a 2JZ swap with maybe a Z32 transmission and want it to be a fun street car. I will not be doing any drag racing or drifting as I do not want to beat the crap out of the car after all the work I will be doing restoring it. Recently I met a gentleman who had the S13 subframe installed and who claimed I couldn't go wrong with either set up but that the S13 subframe would give me way more options for
  17. Just picked up an L28ET out of an 82ZX. Going to drop this into my 78Z instead of the original motor. I know the preferred turbo when upgrading these motors is a hybrid t3-t4, is there a brand that has better reputation over others? I heard Spearco makes a really nice intercooler, but what is the best setup for the piping? I have seen some run it under their oil pan. I read that the 3.59 differential is good for a turbo motor. Was planning on getting the close ratio 5 speed and the 3.90 differential (when I was going NA) but not sure if that is still the way to go. I kn
  18. Are there any parts I should be focusing on replacing? I know the half shafts are the weak point in the back, so I was going to upgrade to the 300zx. Brakes are on my list, not sure if I want to convert the rear to disks though but definitely upgrading the front. Suspension wise, not sure I like the idea of my lowering springs not seating properly. I heard some people use zip ties. Doesn't sound very safe. The BC Racing coilovers look nice, $1,500 with swift springs
  19. I read through the thread by BRAAAP, and since the price of Megasquirt is so low I am considering buying one for better gas mileage if nothing else. With MS installed, what other mods can I benefit from? I read the stock cam is actually really good for delivering low end torque and high end HP. Upgrading to a bigger cam would come at the cost of low end torque. I wanted to also swap to the ZX distributor and a better ignition system. Doing some research I found out some people do not like the polyurethane bushings due to squeaking and too much stiffness. Some actually breaking sus
  20. So I recently purchased a 1978 280Z from the original owner. The car ran but the water pump was bad and the owner broke 2 of the bolts when trying to replace it. The car started up perfectly every time and shifted fine so I took it as is. The paint was in great condition and I found very little rust. A couple of weeks ago I pulled the motor and last night took the head off. Haven't taken apart the head or block but everything seems to be in really good shape. Besides the broken bolts plus the one I broke taking off the thermostat housing since it was so corroded. I have been doing
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