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  1. So if I'm reading this correct, connect the old coil (-) terminal along with the new one I put on? Then just disconnect the ignition module that's under the passenger side glove box?
  2. I finished my l28et swap and she runs beautifully! The only thing I don't have is the tachometer wired up. Anyone know where the tachometer wire is located? Preferably someone that has done it already. Here's some picture if it helps at all.
  3. How much oil should I put in my car with an external front mount oil cooler? I put 5 quarts in but it seemed too low. I pulled the dipstick and it was on the bottom. Would 2 more quarts be good? Just hoping someone else knows.
  4. It's a 1978 280z. The harness is an 81 280zx. The plug came off the 78 s30 one. The 81 z31 doesn't have it. I looked at wiring diagrams, the plug on the 78 s30 harness had 3 green, 1 black. 1 wire went to the air regulator. The two spliced into wires that went to the ecu and the last one went to a plug somewhere.
  5. Sorry to be misleading, the plug on the old harness had 3 green wires and 1 black one. The actual plug that's under my dash has white w/ black strip, black w/ white strip, green w/ blue strip, and a blue wire. Hope that helps at all.
  6. Sorry, I was trying to give enough info to make sense. The plug on my old harness near the ecu, it connected to this plug. But my new harness doesn't have this plug. I'm following bumblezees guide and he doesn't mention anything of it. It's l28et into s30.
  7. I'm in the process of doing an l28et swap into my s30. I only have a couple little things before I can start her up. The one thing I'm not sure on what I do with is this plug. I've looked at the wiring diagrams and one wire goes to the air regulator. And two go to the old ecu but I'm using the z31 now. How do I go about wiring this up? Is it even needed? It's right under the dash on the drivers side.
  8. I found what the two prong plug and the three prong plug goes to, the vcm valve. Does anyone know the other ones?
  9. So I'm in the process of swapping an l28et from a 1981 280zx into my 1978 280z. I'm just confused on what these plugs are and if they are even important. Also, if someone knows if these two ring terminals go or if they are just a ground that can go anywhere. Last questions, is the plug following after the two ring connectes. Would help a lot. Thanks. On the last picture, does it matter where the ground in the back goes?
  10. Wait, was the ecu from a manual or an automatic?
  11. I need a 280zx turbo harness from a manual car. Unless the automatic is the same as manual. I'm new to the l28et. Thanks.
  12. I'll give $150. How much is shipping?
  13. Still have it?
  14. Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a 280zx with a L28et turbo engine. Would like to buy as complete as possible, Post or PM what you have w/ details, price etc. Trying to find a donor car that runs but isn't very nice for the outside, really just need the engine. I'm swapping it over to my '78 280z. Preferably manual, unless its possible to bolt my current stock 5 speed transmission to the other engine w/o problems. Thanks.
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