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  1. I'm running the ZX matchbox distributor in accordance with this diagram. The old tach doesn't move or even bounce now and worked flawlessly before. I'm hoping to either figure out a way to rewire the old tach to make it work or put a 280z tach in the old housing and figuring out how it should be wired. :
  2. Interesting. I can't seem to get it to work (early car 11/70 build). I am going to attempt to take a later tach (280z), put it in the early housing and see if that does me any good.
  3. Hi everyone, I've read the how to article on here for using a stock tach with the MSD setup and was wondering if anyone had any experience using the stock tach in a 240z with a 280zx matchbox distributor. Looking forward to hearing some results! I'm trying to stick with the stock gauges as best as possible for a period look. Chris
  4. Hi everyone, Thought I'd post my layout for an oil cooler with measurements and the like if anyone wants to replicate or take some design cues from it in the future. I'm planning on running it bosozoku style with the lines outside and will probably tuck the cooler just behind the bumper but visible. As for the pieces I'm going to be using I have the quantity, name and number listed: (1x) Earls Oil Cooler 4x13x2" 41308ERL (2x) Jegs -8AN Polished Banjo- 555-101022 (1x) 15' -8AN SS Braided hose 555-100923 (2x) Jegs -8AN Polished straight fitting 555-101002 (2x) Jegs -8AN to 3/8" NP
  5. Hi all, Looking for a late style THREE wire tachometer from a 280z or equivalent to replace the 4 wire one I have in my Z. I upgraded to an electronic ignition and need a three wire tach so I have a working gauge. Thanks! Chris
  6. Were you able to get the tach running with the ZX distributor? Not sure on your year car, but in my 11/70 I did the swap and the tach doesn't budge. Not sure if there's a way to make it work or if I'll have to change it out or what.
  7. The best way I can put it is that I can shift through the gears when the car is off, but the clutch pedal doesn't seem to be doing anything. It's not a new problem from a working system, it's new parts together that don't want to work.
  8. Hi all, My clutch won't engage or disengage and I can't seem to figure out the issue. It's a 280zx 5 speed transmission, dual center force clutch, has the 280zx slave cylinder as well. Lines are bled properly, new slave cylinder installed and bled. It seems as thought the slave cylinder will not move the fork which is leading me to think its the throw out bearing but I would appreciate any insight on the topic. Thanks! Chris
  9. Got one in fairly nice shape. Chrome is good, lacquer is good, the shift pattern does have some cracking though but not as bad as far as they go. PM me
  10. I have a stock 240z 4 speed wood shift knob. Slight cracking in the pattern, but not bad by any means. Shoot me a PM
  11. Looking for a classic watanabe wheel, preferably with box and horn button included. Thanks! Chris
  12. Thanks! I'm looking to delete the hard lines completely. I just put in a 3.1L stroker and want to just route a SS braided hose to the tank and just delete these for a cleaner look and simpler system.
  13. Hi all, been really working hard on my Z and want to remove the stock return and fuel lines for my stroker/mikuni setup. I haven't been able to find any information on the right way to go about doing this and was hoping for some recommendations for someone who's done it before. Thanks for your help. Chris
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