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  1. Does anyone still have a skii rack? Or know where I can find one for a 240z?
  2. Thanks I am ok, just a little sore, doctor said I'll be fine, thanks for all the Z community because you've all been very helpful. Is there any way for me to get the selling prices as a price reference? Can I get a hold of those records?
  3. My agent told me to wait for negotiations, if I don't get what I think it's worth, then I should lawyer up. So I'll see after negotiations. Is that really law? Where can I reference that law? Is there a civil code for that?
  4. Was that before hand of an accident? The insurance agent said to find 280zs that I feel are in the ball park of mine and that can be my negotiation price.
  5. So yesterday, my car was totaled. I was at a red light at the bottom of a bridge, and on the left lane there was a guy who was pushing his car because he was having car problems. 30 seconds into waiting for the red light to turn green, I looked into my rearview, I saw a Honda coming at me at least 45 mph. I saw him 2 seconds before he hit me, so I braced for impact. He pushed me to the other side of the intersection. I tried to exit the car but the feders trapped the door, so I climbed out the window. I went up to the driver and asked what happened with him and told him off for being reckles
  6. Jibarra

    Cockpit Heat

    Would it be normal for the engine bay to get really hot? Just wondering if you've ever had this issue as well. Where woul the water cock be located
  7. Jibarra

    Cockpit Heat

    Hello, So I'm new to HybridZ and somewhat to Z's as well. Got mine back in May of 2014, I've been restoring a 1978 280z and so far I haven't had too many problems. As of now it runs good, sometime it's has problems on a cold start, and it'll idle high but then settles down to around 700-800 rpm. Well anyways right now my issue is with the amount of heat in the cockpit. It gets hot in there, and I feel like it's coming in from the engine bay, but I've also been told it might be coming from the tranny. I wanted to know if anyone else has had this issue and how you solved it? Any informa
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