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  1. Like JSM said, theres a little 1/8th inch spacer between the end of the crankshaft and the flexplate, if you forget to remove this and put a flywheel on the flywheel will be too far away from the starter pinion to engage. Either that or the starter is not working, but if it worked before there is no reason why it should not work now.
  2. I have a detached 30x40 shop, and want to run 220vac out there. This is what I have right now: 200A main panel in house Shop has its own 60A (double pole) breaker that runs to a feeder panel in the shop. There is a spare 50A (double pole) breaker that ends in a 220vac outlet in the garage attached to the house. What I want to do is replace the 50A breaker with a higher rated breaker (60A? 100A?), run new cable (4ga? 6ga? its only about 40ft to the shop) add another feeder panel in the shop, and install 2 220vac outlets. One for a welder/table saw (50A) and one for an air compre
  3. I don't want to sell the Z

  4. Hey just wondering if you still had coilovers and other parts you were wanting to sell, thanks -Jeff

  5. I have a Pallnet 11mm oring fuel rail, never used. I bought it, then got 14mm injectors and bought the 14mm version. Ribbed, minor scuff marks from bouncing around the garage, can't find the mounting kit (its pieces of aluminum) is drilled for pressure guage. You interested?
  6. I've got coilovers In about 2-3 weeks I'm moving into my new house, will be parting out the Z, have already sectioned struts with illuminas and coilovers. Also have front and rear disc brakes, turbo motor ect. I havn't put up an add yet because I'm not ready to take the car apart (2 weeks)
  7. Oops, I thought they were. Here's a pretty sweet looking 610, KA24 nicely sorted (NOT MINE, I saw the add on NASIOC) http://home.comcast.net/~suchy3072/Page610/610sale.html
  8. Over here it's called a Datsun B210. They're around, they're cheap.
  9. Doug at UP Garage (AKA Fairlady motors) was working one one today, this was the first time I've heard of VIPEC, but they made it sound pretty awesome.
  10. 300 ft lbs @2800rpm on a mustang dyno Stock 240z stub axles Modified 280zxt CV's and halfshafts (the splines are the same as 240z) R200 3.54 with Clutch LSD 245/45/16 Tires Right now the weak point is the series 1 transmission, so I'm taking it easy on launches.
  11. Cats are not all bad, it really helps with the smell. I have one on my '71 and we don't even have emissions stuff where I live.
  12. So I'm in Okinawa for a couple days. I've got to work tomorrow, on Sunday I'm planning on going to the Aquarium (It's not set in stone, suggest somthing else) , and monday is totally open. Does anyone know of anything neat to see? Things I'm interested in: -UP Garage type things, (used performance parts) -240z parts places -Junkyard if they can help me arrange shipping and stuff within the same day. -Katana store, I decided I want to learn Kendo, and figured that this is the place to look into that kind of stuff -Place to buy random gifts for my wife. I'm staying at White
  13. I've made some ugly welds. But then I've also made some really pretty welds (exotic materials, interpass <300F), and tig welding underneath a table, using mirrors, and with only 6" on each side of the pipe.
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