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  1. KidandhisCar

    81-85 turbo backing plate wanted

    Bump,still hunting
  2. KidandhisCar

    81-85 turbo backing plate wanted

    Looking for a turbo backing plate off an 81 through 85 turbo. The backing plate is the aluminum plate behind the compressor wheel with the 4 10mm head bolts in it. Need it for a draw through setup on a non z vehicle. Needed becuase it is a carbon seal backing plate,and will directly fit onto my garrett TA3107, (wich is a dynamic seal). Will also just buy an entire junk turbo, dont care if its trash bent fins etc, as long as the backing plate is in one peice, thanks guys!!
  3. KidandhisCar

    Looking for s30-s130 shell Tampa fl

    Hey guys, odd request... Im looking for a z or zx shell,anything between 70-83 would work. Looking for a bare shell if possible,can be rusty heavy,can have dents etc. My goal is to used the body as a temporary mold so i can build a fiberglass shell to fit onto my rail buggy.odd? Yea i know. Thought it would be kinda neat to pay homage to the vehicles that got me into cars 15 years ago haha. Thanks for your time.
  4. KidandhisCar

    Spare parts rebuilt engine/t5 etc

    Yessir,i work at a heavy equipment dealer and can ship right through our parts department,fan provide shipping quote as well
  5. KidandhisCar

    Spare parts rebuilt engine/t5 etc

    I just reposted my original craigslist add.but i am now wanting to part out all my spare stuff instead of trying to get rid of it as a package, Prices on the big ticket items. The rebuilt p90/f54 engine asking 1k. The t5,with mustang short shifter and driveshaft,350$ Any thing else just feel free to ask on price, Here's the original CL add, Thank you for your time. https://tampa.craigslist.org/hil/cto/5914863189.html
  6. KidandhisCar

    82 280zx Project W/tons of parts

    Id really prefer to sell all of it together, if there isnt any intrest for the lot in a couple weeks time,ill consider a part out.
  7. KidandhisCar

    Automotive house furnishings

    Put it all on craigslist today for 300$ If there are any local hybridz-ers that are intrested ill them all go for 200$ Thanks for the kind words!!
  8. KidandhisCar

    82 280zx Project W/tons of parts

    A pic of the spare rebulit engine Has two valve covers,a non turbo labeled one,and a turbo labeled one.
  9. KidandhisCar

    82 280zx Project W/tons of parts

    a few more.
  10. KidandhisCar

    82 280zx Project W/tons of parts

  11. KidandhisCar

    82 280zx Project W/tons of parts

    Car pics:
  12. KidandhisCar

    82 280zx Project W/tons of parts

    Needing to downsize significantly,Car is an 1982 280zx, Rough interior/exterior. 17in enkie rims.(with custom Z centers that need to be finished and installed) runs and drives but the brake system has a minor leak somewhere. Car has a new master cylinder, brakes bias valve, and the silvermine stage 4 setup up front with stainless lines. (4 pistons calipers with gt500 drilled and slotted rotors) Non borg warner 5 speed,unsure of rearend ratio. I have a bunch of parts i want to go with this, Parts: Pallnet fuel rail, ls1 injectors for the pallnet rail pallnet TB spacer, aluminum intake flange, spare set of tails lights of a turbo 82 third "turbo" break light off a 82, 4 good condition marker lights, A red center dash piece (where the radio mounts) a red center console,and 2 red good condition fuel cards. Borg warner T5 Short shifter out of a fox body mustang that fits the T5 a 3.54 rearend with welded Spiders. Drivershaft and axles-came out of the same car as the T5 and rearend. Clean arizona title Full set of rear brake lines,and msa rear rotors drilled/slotted. Included is a completely rebuilt engine Engine specs: F54 block/P90 head turbo engine out of an 82 Block has been hot tanked,honed and decked 10thou Head has been shaved 20thou, 30 thou shims installed under cam towers and has 3 angle valve job. Crank/rod/pistons all stock ARP rod bolts. has a brand new alternator on it. includes,a turbo intake manifold with factory injectors, turbo exhaust manifold,and down pipe. no sensors currently on engine. no thermostat installed. has 82 optical dizzy. new water pump, High volume oil pump, new timing set, probably more i cant think of. I do not have a flywheel for this engine and rear crank seal is not installed as i cant put it in while its on the stand. no ecu, nor harness. also includes: random old bolts/parts from prior zs if wanted. probably some things ive failed to mention, but i believe this is a great deal. I invite anyone interested to come by and look at the lot. Any questions feel free to ask on here or I can be reached via txt or phone at 813 nine nine nine 55 two 7,located in tampa florida,pickup only! Asking 2500$ for all of it,i believe that is below fair,i need this car/stuff gone!! Ill post the pics as replies,thank you much
  13. KidandhisCar

    A new way to bleed brakes?

    Thats the same way i came about using the rc pump,4 new calipers,new mc and hardlines/stainless line. It was kicking my ass when I first did it,so i used the rc pump and started at rear right and pump fluidnin through the calipers until no more bubbles came out the master,pedal was PERFECT. I was just thinking for easy of simplicity,plug the line onto the caliper check valve,run the pump until no more bubbles in the mc,move onto the next caliper.could make for some quick fluid flushes,and bleeds.
  14. Hi all, ive got toyota 4 pistons up front, yesterday i went to take the z out (81) After its been sitting for a few months,i quickly found my brake pedal went to the floor, upon backing the car up i found a wet spot in my dirt driveway coming from bleow the battery area,i was unable to find any wet lines or connections but im sure a leak is present,as the mc was empty. I tried filling the mc and pumping the brakes to find the leak but was unsuccesful,so im going to have to bleed the system find the leak,repair it,then bleed again. This got me thinking,the way i normally bleed my brakes is to use an rc plane fuel pump and pump the brake fluid in through each caliper with a pan under the mc,until no more air comes up out of the mc. Has anyone ever install check valves into the calipers where the bleeder niples wouldn go? So fluid could onlyngo into the calipers and not out when doing this? Ive already sourced some m10 x 1.0 check valves just curios what anyones thought are on this beforeni go through with it. And i dont mean "speeder bleeders",those only let fluid out of the caliperand prevent air from going back in,im looking for the opposite effect, fluid into the caliper but not back out,any thoughts?
  15. KidandhisCar

    Automotive house furnishings

    Ive got a stock pile of junk,cams of all sorts,tons of gears that will be in my next table, a junk 302 marine block. Ive found that if you call local tranny shops and ask them if they have any old gear they want to offloaf theyll often let them go for free!!