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  1. Any more traction Fairlady? It will be a pain, but if you are able to remove the rail without molesting the radiator support, you should be able to massage the support to fit. It will take rebending the flanges to the correct height, but everything else would get to remain the same.
  2. I used my detail gun. I shoulda used my hvlp. I thought I would save it for the clear and just throw the detail gun away. Oh well. It's kind of a Ratsun thing for now anyway. Clear coat tomorrow.
  3. Masked it off for the orange. The blue does look surprisingly good with the yellow! Hope the weather holds so I can spray it tomorrow.
  4. I gotta work on the scale a little but I like it with this ugly paint.
  5. Just rubbing her out to keep motivation to the max. Not much I can do on drill weekend. Think I'm gonna try and paint a Japanese war flag on the hood this coming weekend. Lol
  6. Ok. New chassis. 77 with an Oct 76 build date. She's kind of a cocktail waitress wearing a Dolly Parton wig with the Godawful yellow makeup, but she has good bones.
  7. How do you follow your post? Just signed up over there.
  8. Forgive me for blogging. Probably an uninteresting post. Feel free to skip. : ) Broke out my engine stand. Haven't used it since I transferred from Sacramento. Found my buddy Eddie's SBC hardware in my trusty Crown Royal bag. Memories! Tried to out the broken engine stud. Drill won't reach. Gonna hafta pull the manifolds to drill it out properly. So no joy tonight in getting it on the stand. Discovered the harmonic balancer bolt and the front pan bolts are missing. Damn. This does not bode well. Hopefully it is as clean inside as the borescope shows...
  9. And the L28ET donor is off to the scrap yard. Got $108 for it. Got my all my goodies and my $400 back plus $19 extra. Not bad.
  10. Very nice! What is your method for keeping your chassis dimensions correct? Those rails the kind which go over the existing rotted rails or designed to actually replace a rail?
  11. Nice thread! I dunno if I am going to pursue this chassis or not. The rails in the bay are pretty bad. Going to look at another one this weekend!
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