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  1. How long have you been running that setup? What psi boost and cam specs?
  2. I'm actually wondering what the conclusion was for ideal porting on intake and exhaust side. In these 6 pages I didn't read a conclusion and it's like I'm waiting for the last note to be played to conform port potential. ie, X Compression, with Y Head number, ported to Z dimensions produced this much torque with supporting mods. Really hoping to have a head job in the next several months done and aiming for 240-270lbs of torque at the wheels. (I find I don't care about peak hp, just a nice, healthy, mild torque curve) Any conclusive data or directions?
  3. From what I understand, N/A and turbo are two different animals for the compression ratio of the engine. If you're rebuilding, you need to seriously focus on either turbo OR N/A. N/A you'll be looking at about 10:1 compression, Turbo you'll be looking at about 7.5:1 compression plus boost. If you build a 8.5:1 N/A motor because you're planning to maybe perhaps if you feel like it maybe turbo in the future then you'll be disappointed with the N/A build and limited in psi or run into dangerous ground when you turbocharge. Don't even think about turbocharging a 9:1+ N/A L28 unless you plan to run race gas.
  4. I appreciate y'alls input! I'll continue to entertain this idea.
  5. Thank you. Do you mean the T5 from the 280ZX, the Ford Mustang, or the Chevy Camaro? Or does it matter? The car is always intended to be a daily driver and for occasional Autocross and "Canyon" use. Never drag.
  6. I've been bent on converting my 1979 280ZX N/A L28 to turbo but a mechanic friend of mine has thrown me for a loop by offering me a Chevy 350 core he pulled out of a customers vehicle the other day. It only needs a rering kit but instead of paying for the kit and labor the customer bought a large block crate engine for himself. My friend will give me the engine for $100 which is what he had to pay as a core for the crate engine. Now I'm information gathering to weigh my options. I would visit the junkyard to pull the transmission and a local driveshaft company will cut me a shaft for a couple hundred. What 5 or 6 speed manual transmission would I need to pick at a junkyard? Looking to not bang out my firewall or tunnel if it could be helped. The same mechanic friend told me "any 5 speed 350 truck transmission," but I seriously doubt that. The L28 N/A to Turbo information was much easier to pull together, because there are many comprehensive write ups on the subject. Other than the transmission and driveshaft will I need to swap out my R180 diff? The car is currently in good working, stock condition. It's also my daily driver. IF this swap turns out to be more cost effective than the L28 turbo conversion I'll need to gather all material and we'll have it done within 2 weeks or less of start. I know about the JTR conversion book, but it covers the S30 chassis. I have a 280ZX and I understand there are a number of differences between the two platforms. Thank you for your time and help!
  7. Here you go: https://youtu.be/5d6h7XJ-CuU
  8. I know this thread hasn't been commented in for a while, but I'm wondering if this swap would be much different in a '79 S130?
  9. Howdy guys. I'm wondering if there are any reasonable, running L28ET motors in the North Georgia area? Would be looking for it as complete as possible. (Wiring harness, ECU, etc). Thank you for y'all's help!
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