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  1. No, I think you have a bigger flatter torque curve! Lol but saying that, to make me feel better if I break it down in my head, 6psi is artificially 40% larger in displacement. Meaning my N/A 2.8 is making 160whp as it sits with very very conservative timing and 8.5:1 compression. Seems bleak, but at least it’s higher then stock! Lol. a 3.2L on the other hand is 13% larger in displacement. Bring that down to 2.8L levels and were at 196whp. What are 2 points of compression worth? all this doesn’t really make sense as head flow is headflow, but the ma
  2. Haltech Platinum Sport 2000. The closest available ECU would be the Haltech Elite 2000. Very capable unit.
  3. Just working out all the bugs. Plan was to turn it up on the dyno but ran into ignition troubles. I’ll be back.
  4. Manifold progress stopped when I had to reorganize the shop to fit in a lathe. Then decided it’s probably just smarter to make a whole new manifold. So I stuck the old one back on and the car is on the road for summer. Hit the dyno for the first time yesterday, had some ignition issues at 6500rpm so pulled it off the rollers to diagnose. Got in almost a full baseline run Funny torque curve.
  5. I finally get to contribute in this thread. Only got a baseline in before my ignition was cutting out at high RPM so we pulled it off the rollers. 5 years of EFI fun to get to this point, relieved I could drive home. (Swear I was more nervous then when I proposed to my wife). Ported P90 with 510 lift, 280 duration cam. ~8.5:1 Cast pistons +0.040. 440cc injectors Platinum Sport ECU HX35 w/12cm housing 6-6.5psi 3” Exhaust/DP w/hi flow cat LS coils Sadly this chart doesn’t show boost, but my datalogs leading up to
  6. No. As the post above explained, I’m using a single wastegate. Stock 240z manifold is divided. My adaptor continues that right to the turbo, and eventually to the valve face of the single 44mm wastegate.
  7. In progress... the secret experiment! I needed to pull my manifold to change wastegate springs. I hate buying new gaskets (cheap ass), and a manifold idea had always been in my head. Sooooo..... True twin scroll manifold using an adaptor from an original 240z manifold. Cylinder firing order is perfect for an easy adaptor. I am fearful of the manifold cracking, but the adaptor is designed in a way I can chop off a portion and easily adapt it to a completely new manifold. I didn’t go that route as I can’t get my hands on a flange for a decent price, th
  8. I should state, I’ve never heard of this happening to anyone else before. Put even just the time it took to get a proper working diff, wasn’t worth the few hundred bucks difference. If i were to do it again I’d probably go the M-tech route. Or even smarter. The super 8.8 kit that the member here sells. Especially if your going to purchase brakes and CV’s at some point.
  9. I did the washer upgrade through who ever sells that kit as well. The issue I had was when checking the backlash. At one point I had proper backlash, then you rotated ring gear 180 degrees and I had basically zero backlash. Being the first diff I had ever taken apart I wasn’t sure if I just screwed up but luckily have a machinist friend. He measured it out and the surface which the ring gear mounted to was completely warped. So he tossed it on the lathe. I reassembled and had even backlash all around.
  10. Thanks! The goal is a bit of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I’ve got another exciting engineering project on the bench right now. Pumped.
  11. Always wanted to do a fall shoot with this car. Hadn’t touched my real camera in... years? These turned out well despite missing the sun by about 10 minutes. Damn time change throwing me off. Ha.
  12. So what I thought was going to take me a couple days took me 5 or 6. Lol. My welding has not improved by not using it it. Amazing. Lol. Here is me using my back purging cap (made of a slice of the muffler outlet which slides over actual pipe nicely, then capped with sheet metal and a fitting threaded in) and welding a few pieces to the old flex pipe. It was 3” as I always planned on upgrading. All welded up and hit with scotchbrite. The thing that took me the longest, was how to hang the system. I went through many types of hangers and spent the most tim
  13. Decided to build a new exhaust. Old setup was a 2.5” “Premium Exhaust” from MSA, modified with a vibrant ultra quiet resonator and a magnaflow muffler. Since I’m now turbocharged, 3.0” was in the plans. I also wanted to add a catalytic converter as I’m tired of smelling like fuel every time I drive the car. So the cat will replace the vibrant resonator. So I spent an hour or two rubbing all pipes and muffler with SOS and WD40, followed by Acetone. Proceeded to spend the next 6 hours today making hanger brackets, and getting the muffler in the exact right spot. No
  14. I don’t know which one it was, but an EGR version of the 280z intake.
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