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  1. Nice job! We’re you able to keep the air filter where you had it in the above pictures? When I attempted to mount mine there, the hood hinge kept hitting it.
  2. If you are making a new bracket from scratch.... from experience a bracket which attaches to the valve cover is kind of annoying. Pending how often you remove your valve cover... if you can work around it maybe try something else? I used the two holes which mount just below the head. One is used for the heater hose mount.
  3. Can you move the mount upward, and use shorter endlinks?
  4. Likely a stuck injector. But... Most ECUs run a 12v constant to the injector and the ground is a PWM output. If your ground is “grounded” out, your injector would stay open as well. Check for continuity from your “ground” to an actual ground in the car (ignition off in car). You can also test your injector running 12v to it, and ground the other side. Every time a connection is made you should hear a click. It might be enough to “unstick” it.
  5. Didn’t have time to search. This thread looks relevent. https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/58235-trans-id-help/
  6. There is many different sized collars, the only way to know if you have the right one is to measure. Either this forum or classicZcar has a thread about throwout bearing collars.
  7. I purchased a “Tach Match”. Worked great. The MS doesn’t output enough voltage to drive the tach. mine is a 240z, not sure if they are different.
  8. I purchased a “Tach Match”. Worked great. The MS doesn’t output enough voltage to drive the tach.
  9. Are you sure the sprocket is sitting flush on the cam, not getting hung up on the alignment pin?
  10. Loved the manual insert tool! Wish I thought of that a few weeks back during some work.
  11. Curious to what ignition you are running as well as boost level?
  12. That’s a pretty neat device. Thanks for sharing! I frequent Hawaii pretty often for work, what island are you on?
  13. Did you test the spark outputs using the software? Test Channel 1, 2 and 3 independently and make sure the appropriate cylinders are firing. Were you able to set base timing?
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