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  1. Inaccurate dead time could certainly have an effect. We’re you running 2 squirts per cycle previously? Try a similar setting while sequential. First things first are to check everything is firing in the right order as you suggested though. Very easy to check with Megasquirts test functions.
  2. When I do it, I will do a combination. Strip manually/chemically for all the flat portions (hood, roof doors) and have the rest blasted.
  3. Nice job. You only say it’s idiot proof until you have a resin filled hand, and fibreglass Matt strings everywhere!
  4. Might be silly. I once spent days trouble shooting a no spark issue. The issue ended up being my distributor not sitting all the way down on the oil pump drive. Talk about stupid.
  5. EF civics are like little go karts. They really are fun. Don’t feel bad.
  6. Considering the flange is solid between all runner, the answer would be no.
  7. Anyone doing the cooling mod shouldnt have issues cutting this flange to make it work. but to answer your question, im betting that’s a definite no.
  8. I need to find myself a can of solar flux. Doing an exhaust really eats up the argon when pack purging. When i welded my exhaust I hung it with ratchet straps. It wasn’t the best setup, but you could rest some weight in the exhaust when welding. I like your exhaust clamp!
  9. I ran 3/8” lines through the tunnel using the stock mounting (Rubber froze then drilled). The return line crossed over just before the engine bay. The feed runs on the cold side. If your redoing then, running straight lines alongside the frame rails seems like the best route.
  10. Just for reference for future interested parties. I ordered these parts for my 08/71 240z. They do not fit. First off which is well known, the 08/71 booster bolt pattern is different (anything <08/71 I believe). But more important, this 8.75” booster won’t fit with the clutch master, and also hits the throttle cable linkage bracket. Rough measurements show an 8” master “might” fit, but I’d expect a little clearancing required. Edit: after seeing the above post and the 8.5” booster in the photo. I decided to drill the holes and make sure. Not going to happen. I’m in the midst of cutting off the throttle linkage bracket, and will offset the booster as much as I can to avoid the clutch master. If you look in the above photo. There is no way they can remove their clutch master without removing the brake booster. I will most likely make some sort of offset on the brake pedal itself as well.
  11. I purchased a Tacoma 8-3/4” booster and master cylinder the other day. It just arrived. It’s not even close to fitting on my early 240z. If I were to drill out the bolt pattern (Early is different prior to 8/71) it still hits both the clutch master and the throttle linkage bracket. Take some good measurements before you go that way I’d say. There isnt many options, I’m about to order up a universal 8” unit and master cylinder (corvette style) from Speedway motors. They are reasonably priced, and there will always be GM/Corvette parts available. They also offer a 7”, as 8” is going to be very very very close and may need some clearancing in both the throttle linkage bracket and the clutch master.
  12. I’ll take the good inspection door off of you! Will PM
  13. Sorry for making you state it twice. I think I have my head wrapped around it. It would have been easier if I had ever seen a push to connect fitting before.... but then I searched the pricing on stainless fittings.... photos may be as close as I ever get 😲
  14. I am talking about the “rail” itself. Is it hardline, or just grey coloured tubing? The line between the T fittings.
  15. Beautiful job overall, but that coolant rail is the best I’ve seen! Are the pushlok fittings. Connected with flared hardline?
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