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  1. Curious to what ignition you are running as well as boost level?
  2. That’s a pretty neat device. Thanks for sharing! I frequent Hawaii pretty often for work, what island are you on?
  3. Did you test the spark outputs using the software? Test Channel 1, 2 and 3 independently and make sure the appropriate cylinders are firing. Were you able to set base timing?
  4. even with the old style struts, weren’t you only supposed to fill the bottom with an inch or two of oil? glad to hear you found the issue though.
  5. I’m very jealous! Sometimes I wish I still had a carb’d bird. I would have driven it the last two years!! Congrats!
  6. I had a local guy pretty familiar with them fiddle with it. My car was very sensitive it seemed. Make sure your system isn’t picking up any electrical noise. It can cause chaos.
  7. I had major issues with this and my MS2. Acceleration enrichment needed some much needed attention.
  8. Pending price, I’d buy one. Intake manifold is on my project list.
  9. With a stock cam, you won’t be reving the snot out of it. The small turbo weakness will be in the upper RPM range where it just can’t keep up with the flow of the engine. As previously said, with the stock cam, you won’t be revving high. It has the potential to make the power you want. Id try and run it. Why not. I’m also in Vancouver so I’d like to see how it turns out. Will probably have torque like a V8
  10. He has an aftermarket moustache bar.
  11. Perhaps photos of your setup would help. A stock R200 in a 280z have 4 bolt , U Joints setup. These simply unbolt and pull out. The actually shafts which go into the diff are simply held in with a C clip. A couple big screw drivers on either side prying evenely will over power the c clip and it will pop out.
  12. Really really nice job. I searched for that splash guard. It doesn’t look like they sell that one anymore? Only a reproduction one, which looks slightly different?
  13. HuD 91gt

    Ms3x install

    Yes. They seem to come in 6” and 12” lengths for LS coils commonly. Are those the 6” leads, or something different?
  14. HuD 91gt

    Ms3x install

    Those are the 6” wires? Glad and to see it up and running. Curious to see how your going to get that Jeep CAS connected.
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