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  1. I’m with you Lazeum, beautiful table btw. Purchased an Everlast 250ex. Go big or go home. I’ve been having a blast. My welding itself is mediocre at best, but the whole process has tried to teach me patience and let my creativity go wild. Not to mention learn some fabrication skills. Prep prep prep, especially with aluminum. My first project was my coil bracket. Then welded all my intercooler piping and turbo stuff (modify manifold, build downpipe etc. after the rush of getting the car on the road for summer was some fun projects (not that the others weren’t, just less pressure). Wife’s birthday present and since this thread is about welders.... my welding cart. pretty excited to learn all the fancy functions, improve my skills and really hone in on my patience. I’m really glad I went with a bigger welder. Aluminum eats the amps quick, so does the pulse function (manual or automatic). 200amp minimum if aluminum is in your future at all.
  2. 4 hours? All that welding would have taken me 2 days! Lol
  3. Did you happen to pull the distributor shaft at any point? Glad you got it figured out.
  4. I just compared my last MS2 tune with yours. I used three logic coil outputs using a 60-2 toothed wheel. If you compare our tunes, our settings are quite a bit different. EG Sequenced batch fire on, on yours off on mine, wasted spark vs wasted COP etc. it's been far too long since I messed with my MS to remember everything correctly. Ill load mine up, check out my settings in the compare tune section and try them out. CurrentTune.msq
  5. I only have experience with my old unit, but I suspect 387 would be the same as 27 degrees. (360 degrees of rotation). I’ve never heard of a tooth angle that large. Check your timing. Something seems off. If your timing checks out ok. Try tooth angle at 27 degrees, and see if it stays the same. More for my own knowledge then anything else. Also, I see you have it setup as a toothed wheel. Is that the correct setting using the VR distributor? I’m focusing my attention on the timing settings as, if the spark output is working appropriately with each channel, it’s all about the timing. Start at the basics.
  6. I just looked at your toothed wheel settings. Why on earth do you have it set as 387 degrees before TDC?
  7. If it ran with a single plug, in the wrong hole I’d be checking your timing. Considering a well tuned engine would have trouble doing that in general. One which is 120 degrees out is even crazier. check your base timing at TDC and go from there.
  8. Authentic LS coils? My first set ended up being knockoffs and never ran correctly. How’s the spark when you test the outputs?
  9. I can’t help with your other questions, but people like to add a relay for the headlights, vs all the power running through the switch.
  10. I have the same slop in my R200. Very loud clunking when driving. My issue is when swapping from the R180 I had to switch to poly bushings including the RT front mount. It is awful to drive is the poly is the issue. I will be digging my R180 out to test for the same slip that is in your video. If that’s the case I guess it’s just the hard mount and bushings. I’ve swapped the carrier in the r200 to an obx and there was no change in slop (proper backlash).
  11. As I said not looking to argue. Was just a question.
  12. I know what your saying, but forgiveness is the reason to switch. How much is your time worth when swapping and dissembling engines? As you’ve noticed, sometimes a head gasket won’t be the weakest fuse. Not meaning to argue, just explaining why I question it.
  13. Crap luck! Next build will you be going with forged pistons? I’m scared for when I get my wastegate holding more then 2psi! Ha
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