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  1. Got what I needed , you guys are awesome thanks!
  2. Bump Anyone? My local junk yards have no z cars right now.
  3. Looking for someone who can cut some good pieces for the common rust area. Mounts for the hood hinge. If you have a rust free donor part. I don't know how to post pictures but i can email pictures of what need. Pm me thanks a bunch!
  4. Payment sent. So pumped!
  5. Z-Guy

    fuel rail

    Seeking barbed style aluminum/billet fuel rail to replace the factory mess. Stock fuel injected L28.
  6. I recall having a Bar Blast (random updates to regulations and reminders) a few moths back on vehicles that are used for special events such as car shows and charity events that are 30+ years old can register as a classic/collectible car to be exempt from a visual and functional check but still require the "sniffer".I could be wrong so check with your local referee. So far the only ones that are "sniffer" exempt are 1975 and earlier vehicles. I don't know where things are going in the next two years for the CA smog program, but a lot of things are changing that's for sure.
  7. Yup I feel ya. I had a couple dings last quater for STAR . I dont really have much issues with functional check because we recently had the machine updated ( expensive). But since the program had been put underway I really have to constantly be in my A game and spend more time doing extra things to keep me from getting dings such as scanning prior to inspections. the ca smog check website has all categories for deviations.
  8. yeah. oem better interest and if you wanted intergrated one could always fill in the gap with a small amount of FG. I would jump on that.
  9. ha ha I had the same problem! I even had someone drive my car while i crawled back to see what it was. I even lubed everything up until i discovered that one of the dove tails on the sides was loose i tightened it up with a philips screwdriver and it was finally killed the squeek. well i belive it may be the same mine was everytime i hit any kind of bump.
  10. went though a couple of times in my stock 77 z manual (4spd) cruised righ through . just make sure to check everything like any somewhat long trip (belts,hoses,fluids,tire pressure,brakes ect.). I was actually speeding sometimes having no 5 gear keeps the motor up enough to overcome the climb.
  11. I am currently looking for a nice set of Fenders for my 77 near So-cal (Near bakersfield) let me know what you got I will be sanding down to bear metal so scratches,surface rust,does not matter I will be going to Oxnard on April 16 for a weekend so I can pick some up if your near by. I have been searching and posted in CL but every one is pretty far im sure there is some one with a spare set near by.
  12. The write up in FAQ section has some help but your harness is an 83 and the one in there is an 81. but it is mentioned in the post. I got a wiring diagram and its pretty clear Ill show it to you on tuesday at school if you dont get her fired up by then that is.
  13. Is this Ric from school? its Brandon. do you have the FSM. Did you download the fsm from here? http://www.xenons130.../reference.html hit me up at school. Electrical is cunfusing but with patience =
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