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  1. Long story short, wife and I close on a house Thursday. We have 6 cars already, so we need number 7 to go away. This car is a 1974 260z with 20k original miles. Price is 1k, located in Lenoir NC. Title included. I've stripped the car to it's bones with the exception of the suspension and rear diff setups, therefore it's a roller. THIS IS A ONCE IN A LIFETIME Z, YOU NEVER FIND THEM THIS CLEAN. I will post pictures later this afternoon (once I finished cleaning it out) Included with the car -L26 motor with a brand new clutch/pressure plate (clutch springs still have paint on them) -4 Speed Trans -Stock r180 rear end -Front and rear suspension (all items present) -r200 3.54 rear end with a complete reseal kit -Fiberglass Ferrari GTO Taillight setup, complete -TONS of other goodies that will be photographed -Brand new tires with 0 miles (except for spare)
  2. I will be going with A. Hoke's kit. Hopefully he stays in the game and realizes we all really want it!
  3. More items sold, trying to update from a hotel room is hard!
  4. Hood latch cable is sold, sorry for the slow update!
  5. Added a TON of stuff guys, as this comes off the car I'll be continuing to post more and more!
  6. Might be a good idea. I tried calling T3 but they are on winter vacation until next week. If I haven't gotten an answer by then I'll post my results here.
  7. As the title suggests, is anyone running Techno Toy Tuning's 300mm front big brake kit? If so, how much to the calipers poke over the face of the brake rotor? Thank you!
  8. Thanks guys, updating the main post momentarily with what is sold.
  9. RebakahsZ got me worried Joe! Are you only selling the kits you have made and that's it? Or will there be additional inventory once you sell out?
  10. Emailed Mr. John with Ztrix and he provided some cool photos of an install in progress.
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