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  1. Anyone know if this blower upgrade would apply to the S30 240Z?
  2. jtz54

    Seat Swap

    Based on info I've read about 240Z seat replacements, I bought a nice set from a 2005 Honda Civic. After removing the Honda mounts leaving only the rails I positioned them on the Z mounts. They sit too high and would require modifying the existing mounting lower as my head is against the roof. They do fit although they are a bit bigger than the stock Z seats. Would like to know anyone else's experience putting different seats into their Z. Thanks!
  3. Thanks guys. I'm helping someone dismantle a '73 Z and noticed the overflow tank is metal and not plastic like on the '70. Was told it fits but not to me?
  4. Picked up a 70' 240Z with a 280 motor and tranny. Pulling the gas tank and going to replace all the hoses. Fell over when I saw that they wanted $250 for gas tank hose set. Being a resto, I'm not worried about being original. Is there an alternate parts list for these?
  5. Just picked up a '70 240Z with AC. Not sure if it's factory or not but the condensor and dryer are in the car and the compressor is missing. I want to put in a rotary compressor and use R134A. Any wirte ups on this and maybe a source of parts? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the info. I inspected the seat & belt mounts and I should be able to mount the Honda seats in place of the originals. I wanted to upgrade the belts since the originals are 40+ years old. Was wondering if anyone mounted an entire system from another vehicle and if they were able to somehow use the factory mount points that were made to take the stress of seat belts. Since I'm planning to use the buckle attached to the seats, I'll have to insure that the seat mounts are beefed up in the process.
  7. I'm going to replace my '70 Z seats with a set from a 2005 Honda Civic which I've read can fit nicely. Since the seats have the buckle as part of the seat I was wondering if I should integrate the seat belts from the same car. I'd feel better since The Honda's belts are newer and probably safer. Has any one done this mod?
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