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  1. sayitaintjonas

    Another Dash Restoration

    Wow, that looks amazing. Great job!
  2. sayitaintjonas

    Blower Motor Upgrade (Kia Sportage)

    You might be able to do it without removing the dash, but it would be a real PITA to get to some of the bolts. You might want to try loosening the dash bolts so you could at least move it a bit. And yes, I can feel some air at low speed I wish my A/C was charged so I could actually cool off.
  3. sayitaintjonas

    Blower Motor Upgrade (Kia Sportage)

    I feel like its a pretty big improvement. Maybe 50% more air? Unfortunatley, I've blocked off my sidevents, so I can't speak to how much air comes out of them. My center vent does put out enough air to keep me from being completely miserable in the 100 degree Charleston heat.
  4. sayitaintjonas

    Blower Motor Upgrade (Kia Sportage)

    You can get a new one for around $40, but they don't come with the cage. The first Sportage blower I pulled was defective. Just make sure that the motor spins freely or bring a small 12v battery. I put the dash back in the car this weekend and the blower does indeed put out much more air. It'll be put to its true test this summer
  5. sayitaintjonas

    Blower Motor Upgrade (Kia Sportage)

    Oh man, the leaves....so many leaves. Working on this has kinda given me a bug to do something drastic. I'm looking at all these vacuum actuators and wondering what it might take to remove the entire vacuum system from the HVAC and replace it with an Arduino digital controlled system. Here is a mockup I did using the Tesla interface on an extra tablet I have laying around. I think I have the skills/friends to make this work, but I'm not sure if this might be a bit....much? I'm studying up on the FSM right now trying to figure out the different actuator and water cock positions for different settings. What do you guys think?
  6. sayitaintjonas

    Blower Motor Upgrade (Kia Sportage)

    I spent several days researching ways to improve the air output on my 76 280z and wasn't able to find a really nice walk through, so I thought I'd share what I did. It looks like most of the people who put 1988-1991 Honda Civic blowers in their Z weren't able to feel a big difference. I noticed some people also suggesting using 1993-2004 Kia Sportage blowers. So, off to my junk yard I went. I found both a Civic and Sportage blower. After comparing the two, the Kia blower seemed better built and had a larger cage so I bought it for $30 and proceeded to my Z. The nice thing about this upgrade is that the Kia blower is roughly the same size, it rotates the correct way, it uses the same wire harness, and it uses the same mounting holes. It just so happens that I have taken my dash out to install a dash cap and add LED instrument lights. I don't know if you could do this upgrade with the dash in place because the entire blower housing has to be removed. This is the guide I followed for removing my dash (PITA!) http://www.classiczcars.com/topic/5934-removing-dash-and-interior-for-paint/ Here is the blower housing location The original blower and cage are on the left. The Kia unit is on the right I removed the foam padding from the fan housing since the kia unit doesn't need the extra spacing. Next, I placed the Kia blower cage over the hole, lining up the bolt holes, and marked the area to widen. I highlighted this in red. Using some aviation snips, I cut out the excess metal. I cleaned up the hole with my Dremel later. I then placed the new Kia unit in the blower housing and secured it using the original bolts and washers. The unit spins free and has just enough clearance The original Z wire harness fits right into the new motor. I plugged it in to make sure it works and it really seems to put out some air. I'll post another update once I get the dash back in.
  7. sayitaintjonas

    1993 Nissan 300ZX Slicktop SOLD.

    Where are you located?
  8. sayitaintjonas

    Heater Radio Panel with Double Din Build

  9. sayitaintjonas

    FS/FT 76 280z with many 280zx turbo parts - Spartanburg, SC

    The car sold this weekend, but I still have all of the turbo engine parts available. Will sell all parts for $1500.
  10. Well, it's almost a turbo I've got a smooth running 76 280z that I've done a lot of work on over the past year, but the closer I get to doing my engine swap, the more I start looking at 300zx's... So, in a fit of insanity, I thought I would see if anyone wants to trade. It's got a 4spd manual transmission. Work done such as refinishing the fuel tank (POR-15 reseal), installing new fuel injectors and an aluminum fuel rail. New tires mounted on 280zx swastika wheels. I've added 240z chrome bumpers and front airdam. The suspension has been completely replaced with poly bushings and new shocks and springs (lowered 1.5 inches). I have also rebuilt the steering system with new tie rods, ball joints, and bushings. Many of the suspension parts have been powered coated as well. I've upgraded the front calipers to 4 piston toyota 4x4 brakes. The headlights have been connected to a relay o and receive power straight from the battery. The AC works and was recharged last summer. New 6x9 speaker box added. All fluids changed. I also have a partially rebuilt 1982 280zx turbo engine. Head was rebuilt, block was machined, and I have all of the parts to finish building the bottom end. Also have 280zx 5 speed borg warner transmission, diff, cv joints and various other parts. I was about to pull the original engine, which still runs great and has good compression, but I thought I would see if anyone would be interested in trading for a slightly newer car before I go to all the trouble I will not sell the parts separately, so please don't ask. If the car doesn't sell, then I will be installing these parts in the fall. I'm mainly looking for a 90's model 300zx (no 2+2), but I would also like a low mileage sedan or a reliable pickup truck. I would also take $5,500 for everything. This car can be a daily driver, so please don't offer me a car that you wouldn't consider a daily driver as well. I might change my mind at any moment, but if this post is still here, then I'm still considering a trade... And yes, I would consider a 350z trade too I'm located in Spartanburg, SC.
  11. I'm interested as well.
  12. sayitaintjonas

    ModernS30's 1972 Datsun 240z

    $40? Great find! Some people have all the luck.
  13. sayitaintjonas

    83 ZX Turbo Part-Out and Some New S30 Parts

    The car finally sold and now my wife gets her parking spot in the garage back I think I'm going to use my cv axles after all. Thank you everybody
  14. sayitaintjonas

    83 ZX Turbo Part-Out and Some New S30 Parts

    Yes, I'm using the dizzy and all the other major engine parts.