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  1. I counted the ratios tonight and this is a late model close ratio 5sp. 1st is 3.062:1 2nd is 1.858:1 3rd is 1.308:1 4th is 1:1 5th is .745:1 Either there is some worng information floating around about cases having 2 exhaust tabs or some one swapped tail housing to run this trans in the ITS class..
  2. Dont really know what these are worth so $300 for the pair OBO PM call or text 704 301-1430
  3. Removed from a 240z. Measures 26mm has bushings but I don't have the bushing mounts.PM call or text. $30 plus shipping. 704 301-1430
  4. Good condition no rust hinge works smooth ly. $20 shipped.PM call or text 704 301-1430.
  5. Has a few dents in the bottom but is clean inside (no rust) other than a few bugs that have crawled in there. Was removed 20 years ago and has been sitting on the shelf in my building. Really don't know what it's worth so $150 OBO + shipping. PM call or text 704 301-1430.
  6. Stub axles / half shafts removed from a 280z. Threads are in good shape. $120 shipped. PM call or text 704 301-1430
  7. Dang I just sold a pile of OEM lenses and complete lights on eBay for $25.
  8. Yes the ITS motor had fuel injection on it, I sold it with several computers.I only used carbs to run it on the engine stand.
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