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  1. I'm looking for a set of OER carbs for an L31. Can anyone help point me in the right direction? thanks
  2. I have brand new, never installed, coated pacesetter headers if interested. Thx
  3. I have a brand new (never installed, in box) set of ceramic coated Pacesetter headers with Y-pipe, gasket, spacers, etc.
  4. I have the glass if you are still looking. Thanks
  5. In need of a tail light surround for the left side only for a 280z. Doesn't need to look good; just be complete and mostly unbroken. Let me know if you have one. Thanks
  6. I'm in the process of cleaning up my rack on a 280z. I took it apart including removing the inner the inner tie-rod ends. Got it all clean, regreased adjusted the tension on the ends and pinion, everything fits, looks and moves good. I start to install the new replacement boots and the diameter of the large end of the boot is significantly larger than the rack diameter. The boot opening is about 1.9 inches and the rack diameter is about 1.4 inches. This isn't going to work. As far as I know this is the original rack on this car but the boot i purchased is supposed to be the correct repla
  7. Tell me more about the annular boosters. thanks
  8. Looking for a good ring & pinion for r200. Need 3.7-1
  9. Sorry if I've missed this earlier in the thread but what are you charging for the tool? Thanks
  10. Roanz

    N42 or E88

    looking for a N42 or possibly and E88 cylinder head. Don't need a cam, does need to be solid. Thanks
  11. This looks like the build I'm heading towards. Very nice work. What manifold is that? Which Jenvey ITBs? Thanks
  12. Roanz

    Tripel webers

    Thanks, that sounds like a great deal but I should have specified 45s.
  13. Anyone have triple weber dcoe and manifold they want to sell?
  14. Yes, thanks guys. 300zx is what I finally came up with. 15 x 6 1/2", 1" offset.
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