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  1. Dang I just sold a pile of OEM lenses and complete lights on eBay for $25.
  2. Nismo comp Hooker super comp
  3. I am going to sell both of them trying to deside if it's worth having them ceramic coated first.
  4. I am going to sell both of them trying to deside if it's worth having them ceramic coated first.
  5. I have a ture Nissan Motorsports competition race header, 1-3/4"OD primaries to two 2-1/2 collectors and the y pipe goes to 3". Wondering what it's worth, it had 2 holes in it, one interference rub hole and one on the bottom where it appears to have drug on the race track. These have been professional weld repaired and gound back smooth. Considering selling as isor getting it ceramic coated and selling.what do these bring ? I also have a Hooker super comp header it's a 6 into 2 with 3 bolt flange connections on each collector. Its in excellent condition still has 90% of the black paint on it only mild surface rust. What's it worth?
  6. I have 2 both work, take your pick $25?plus shipping. 704 301-1430
  7. I have a complete good condition R200 with a 3.70 in it if you interested give me a shout,$200 704 301-1430.
  8. I have a complete new rear quarter panel never been installed on a car. I can cut it if you would like or sell the whole thing. PM or text if interested 704 301-1430. Located in NC
  9. I have one, also have one in a 73 that's in better condition, is there any difference between a 70 aand 73?
  10. I have a matching OEM lock set removed from a 70 240z, can't find a complete set on eBay or any that have sold. What are they worth?
  11. I have several of these laying aroun, $20 plus shipping if your still looking
  12. Is this what you need? $5 and I'll put it in the mail to you.
  13. I have a complete switch assembly $10 plus the ride.
  14. I have a set if your still looking, shoot me a text 704 301-1430.
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