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  1. I love your car, how it looks lowered, it's so attractive, thanks for that page, it really helps me to analize my setup well, and... With all this info i think that I will be good with the 15's x9
  2. Exactly, the only point of contact would be the spring perch but with coilovers I think that it could be more leeway to don't be rubbing on. Good to hear that your setup of 17's fitted in your Z, I think that my setup of 15x8/9 would be fine.
  3. Hey, i was planning on getting Work Equip's 03 replicas for my Z -Cosmo Racing Coilovers (already installed) -15x8 et0 FRONT (wheels that i'm planning to buy, equip's 03) -15x9 et0 REAR (wheels that i'm planning to buy, equip's 03) I'm planning to buy them and go with the 205/50/15 or the 225/50/15 to have some stretch and fit under my stock fenders, i'm currently on Cosmo Racing Coilover's for s30 that they can be dropped on 3'' Let me know your answers and if you have pics it would be better.
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