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  1. Cool, thank you. I have a harness and was hoping you could shed some light. I'll definitely have my hands full this winter. Alan
  2. WOW...Just went thru all 34 pages and WOW. Definitely took some notes as i have a 5.3 w/ T56 in it. The motor and tranny are only mounted up at the moment so I have tons of work ahead of me. Not sure how I'm going to do the wiring harnesses so need to figure out what can go and what needs to stay. Great job and tons of useful information. Sad that forums are not what they used to be like back in the days. Posts on FB groups get lost and seems like alot of misinformation at times as well. Alan
  3. Joe, Did you end up getting the Holley Terminator X harness? Just wondering how you hooked it up and what did you have to splice into it. Where did you route it thru, passenger or driver and location of mount. Thank you. Alan
  4. Were you able to get your Holley Terminator X harness up and running? I am curious to see how you have in installed and which side you mounted and ran thru the firewall. Thanks. Alan
  5. Those looks great. Were they pretty much plug and play?
  6. Does anyone have pics of the entire setup from Condenser, Compressor and routing to firewall? Just curious to see how it all looks mounted up and installed.
  7. I looked into this last night. Over $3k for just the kit alone and count in for shipping to U.S. Kit looks awesome for sure, it's more expensive than RB or the Moonbeam I think.
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