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    Sulphur, LA
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    Drawing, 3D CAD Design, Laser Scanning, House plans, SCCA racing (I want to do this eventually...wife worried...I have 4 kids), car shows, legos with kids, home improvement

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About Me

I've had 2 Z's in my lifetime:

1971 240z and a 1975 280z


I had to sell my first one when my son was born with a genetic defect...hospital bills. My current Z (280z) is my toy. The 240 was wayyyy to cherry for me to modify. This car, I plan on doing an engine swap and have been lurking on this and other website forums for a good long while. Proud to say I've found everything I need so far through stickies and the search feature.


If you live in SWLA or SETX, hit me up! I'd be interested if you'd like to swap parts or cruise. My wife likes to ride around and she calls my z "date night car" although I just like to call it "Red"

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