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  1. Brilliant, thanks so much for sharing this. Worth pointing out that the ¼ pipe fitting is ISO7 R1/4 thread which is also known as BSPT (Taper), it's not NPT which is a different pitch. (I had thought that NPT and BSP were interchangeable synonyms, but turns out that BSP(T) is a bit finer thread (19 TPI vs NPT's 18 TPI) and they have slightly different thread forms.
  2. Hi Joost, - builder in Hamburg here, could you name your supplier (or DM me) please. My 240z needs a whole interior, and if these supplier can't provide the transmission tunnel, maybe we could share some notes. Cheers!
  3. I've seen builds done both ways, converting from a Model S drive unit. There's an Audi RS5 conversion with the Quattro drive system in-tact because the builder mated the Tesla motor and inverter in the engine bay and hooked it directly into the Audi transmission. As much as I love some of the ultra widebody early Z builds, as you picked up on, I'm in Germany, and I'd love to be able to use this car on the road, so things like reengineering sub frames may be out of the question, but keeping "stock" (or at least e-marked and certified) suspension, subframes, etc, etc may allow me to
  4. If you get information about what exactly they are could you please post here? Those fenders are beautiful.
  5. There's another way to fit this motor which involves separating the motor and invertor and not using the diff from the Tesla, but using an adapter plate and mounting this motor in the engine bay and using one or both of the original transmission and/or the rear diff (or another suitable rear diff with more appropriate gear reduction) The cv joints in the tesla motor integrated diff have extremely wide geometry as they also work in SUVs, so with appropriately short half shafts it's not totally infeasible to cut a lot of the width out.. I'm also not wedded to the idea of
  6. Tesla Model S rear drive unit (incl. diff and inverter) image with halfshafts and subframe/etc attached .. fortunately there are sub-millimetre 3d scans of these available so the modelling part can be quite accurate. Thanks so much for the resources you provided, I'll examine them with fresh eyes tomorrow!
  7. Hi all, I'm about to embark on a build of a 240/260 (tbd) and have been searching in all the forums for any engineering drawings of the underside at the rear... or the chassis geometry in general. I have an ambitious engine conversion in mind, and I'm just trying to find out some aswers to questions such as: depth of the tunnel and the profile inner dimensions of the rear running gear (namely the geometry of the half shafts and diff) Additionally I'd love to find info on the weight distribution of the car, and similar. I'm actua
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