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  1. I'd be curious to know the 4l80e mount as well, planning on a 4l80e on my build this spring.
  2. Well I ordered my wiring harness and I'm preparing to do the swap back to Fuel Injection. I have the LS6 intake ready to go, I just have a question regarding MAF. I set the harness up for a 5 pin setup, which MAF will i want to go with? The LS6 MAF to match the size of the throttle body?
  3. How did the 4l80 fit in the 240? I have one sitting in my garage to put in this upcoming spring in a 280, i understand the trans tunnels is wider than the 240.
  4. Well, a bit of an update, not too much but I sourced a LS6 intake and a 2wd 4L80e Next up is fuel pump stuff and a wiring harness and all the fun trans conversion work!
  5. Okay, good to know about the truck intake. I'll be on the lookout for a LS1 or LS6 intake.
  6. I think that might be my best budget option. Now to find and inexpensive wiring harness and intake setup. I think either the 4l60e or 4l80e will work depending on price as I don't really plan to get too out of control on the build at any point in the future.
  7. Yeah I do realize I have a lot more research to read. I do think that the 4L80E might be the best option over the 700r4 with looking into going back to efi. How well does working with the stock computer and Datsun go? Don't you need to buy a rather spendy wiring harness?
  8. Good afternoon, I recently picked up a project Z locally. It has a iron block 5.3 mated to a TH350. I am not a fan of the TH350 as without the overdrive I quickly run out of gear. It seems that the '78 had 3.5 gears already in the back so gearing it down isn't really that much of an option. I am considering the 700r4, and I understand I'll have to cut the driveshaft to fit it but having OD will be way better. The LS has the TH350 already on it so I won't need to purchase any spacers or conversion parts. The other big thing I'm working through is the PO put a carb setup on it.
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