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  1. Just finished welding the adapters together, figured I'd give my review. Turned out to be relatively straight forward and simple. Only extra work required was some grinding of the inner edges so my 280z adapter would seat correctly. Definitely get the welding jig if you don't have access to a mill or lathe.
  2. Updates? Just found this ancient thread, interested in seeing if anything came of it.
  3. Not sure if you've seen this, but same concept. Also, helps a little understanding the swap for someone randomly reading through this thread. @TUME
  4. I Second that. Planning on copying your cross-breeded suspension ideas. I did the engine swap first, suspension/brakes now. Awesome work!
  5. Would this work with control arms/ tie rods/TC Rods from Apex and/or T3? All attached to a stock Cross member? Trying to find a way to get rid of the front strut tube/spindle without breaking the bank with full T3/Apex Systems... and i like BC's. I've read through your build thread btw TUME, awesome work!
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