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  1. Wow that is crazy to hear. Can you post some of the pictures showing how it didn't fit?
  2. I think the big thing is I haven't seen a single car driving with this setup let alone ripping it around the track. Right now the best we can do is be skeptical since there are obvious flaws just from visually looking at it.
  3. This is clearly one of the biggest issues with the kit. It is an easy design change and fix. This is what I was talking about when referencing other vehicles with subframes like this. It is a great idea to move towards this kind of setup in my opinion. However the rear diff mount definitely needs to be rethought out. It is also a relatively easy design change and fix. I see how the solid mounts can work in a s550, but the subframe and entire frame of the car is much stronger looking to handle it. the way the apex kit is it would be relatively easy to twist the rear side of
  4. I do agree that that the studs are most likely plenty to hold up to the stress of mounting the control arms in this way. You definitely make a point when saying alot of cars use a rear subframe to hold both the differential and the control arms. However one thing I also acknowledge is that the s30 was never designed for this. I think this could work well, but it will need plenty of added bracing around this area. I think some framerail reinforcement and better mustache bar bolts may be required for good longevity. I do feel though as this falls apart by the way it is bushed.
  5. Well I would assume since the mustache bar is now connected to the control arm mounts it would flex and affect many things. Cant really predict exactly how. I would personally just drill out the tabs and weld in a tube where normal bushings could be inserted. However for something that costs that much should be designed in a way where the bushings actually are correctly implemented.
  6. I haven't been able to drive the car quite yet as I got held up quite a while. Hopfully it'll be driving by the end of the summer.
  7. I never saw that they offered their own top hats. The ones I got were the t3 bolt on set for the front and the pillowball in the rear.
  8. So I decided to take the leap of faith and order a set from Feal. They look high quality and Ill let you know more as I get them installed. I ordered 4k front/ 5K rear. Hopfully they turn out as good as everyone says they are.
  9. So since they are a one off kit they don't have any pictures for me other than the one I sent. The kit uses the t3 bolt-on top hats and are included in price. I think the top hats included and the swift springs the price is justified. Also you can order any spring rate you want.
  10. They look like t3 bolt-ons in the picture. Kinda curious if they are included or not, yet another price to add on top. I'll post the pictures when I get them though so we can get a good look. Really like what I'm hearing about their brand hopefully this is another high performance option to add to the list.
  11. I messaged them to get some pictures of the specific set but in the meantime here is one that I found.
  12. So I've been looking into getting coilovers and came across these. People in other communities seem to like the quality and performance. Wonder if anyone else here has a set? http://feal-suspension6.mybigcommerce.com/feal-441-coilovers-69-78-nissan-240z-260z-280z-s30/?_ga=2.239935430.415472159.1517002257-76625137.1507675234
  13. Actually found its a coupe!!! Im excited
  14. Ya i was thinking if i would go i would definetly consider the 280 over the 240 cause it looks in much better condition. And also I am more into a 6 cyl for this car, i dont know why; it can even be swaped but it needs to be a 6 cyl. Also i think i found a pretty good one for $1200 some how. Does anyone know if there is a visible difference of a 2+2 and a 2+0 from a direct rear view? I cant really tell what it is.
  15. Hmm I was actually looking at that one. the problem is I don"t have the time to go down there till the weekend, but if its still there by friday i"m definetly going to go look at it.
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