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  1. yeh man when in doubt check with Hexa. I am in east bay, livermore. So not exactly nearby about 2-3 hr drive.
  2. you should see my insta page, just a bunch of horrible pics. lol. I am not good either. Cant really see the labels in the 3rd pic but are all ground wire ? if so just bunch them up but dont quote me on that I am fairly new to wiring. Where in CA are you ?
  3. good info, I would love to do an internal pump but dont want to cut the tank or get a new tank at this point so the external 255 seems like a good option.
  4. This is really helpful, I pretty much have everything from the donor car so I will probably end up sending everything. Have you tested the harness yet or still not there yet ? Is the external 255 pump rated for the vq37 ? Thanks for the info really helped.
  5. Also what are you doing for the fuel pump ?
  6. HI, what did you have to send hexagarage to get your harness? as in ecu and which harnesses? A pic would be awesome. Also what were the specifications for the hexa garage harness ? as in a stand alone universal harness ? I have so many question but not sure how to ask them lol. On hexa website did you go to "VHR SWAP WIRING"?
  7. I remember took me like 6 months doing body work and still not how I want it to be :). I actually used two HF engine stands and some extra metal(upgraded wheels) and made my own rotisserie, couldn't do a full 360 but was good enough for me. Now that I am done with the body work, I took it apart and am using both the engine stands one for the stock l28 and one for the vq37. Just has some extra holes for the cross bar to support both the stands. Makes things a lot easier with limited space in my 2 car garage. Can you give me more details on the wiring harness and ECU? what are you getting done? I have all the wiring harness from the donor 370z. Got both engine/engine bay harnesses and the dash harness among other things like ecu,pedal and the fuse boxes and the key. What are you planning on the belt without the power steering pump? I basically am getting the PS pump and will just mount it so can try and use the stock belt size. Also gonna use a universal AC unit with the serpentine pully so hoping to just use the stock belt. Also I ended up buying a brand new 6 speed trans from the dealer as the used trans available on ebay or other places are like $1900 without (CA) taxes and I got brand new one from dealer for like 2k out the door.
  8. updates?? I scored a 2015 v137vhr and hoping for some tips.
  9. Thanks man for the reply, I am actually in the assembly phase. Well technically paint phase and once that completes this weekend I can actually start assembly. But I am also mid way through rebuilding my l28 engine. I know I decided way too late to go with the vq37vhr. Thanks for the tips I am in no hurry to buy an engine anyways. If you are on insta let me know I would love to follow and see the progress. Great work by the way!!
  10. Build is great!! I am also planning on doing the same but not able to find a good engine. Where did you find yours ? Have not been able to find anything decent on ebay.
  11. I am interested as well in getting most stickers to pass smog in CA. Let me know the processes.
  12. Hey would you be able to reproduce one for me.
  13. The full tray area looks like a better fit. Any recommendations on a battery ? Yeah I was thinking fuel too because he was just going crazy and spraying starter fluid.
  14. thanks, I have started gathering documents and tools that I may need. Got the battery out to charge it and noticed the battery tray has a lot of rust issues to the point it was crumbling in my hands. Any recommendations on new smaller battery and maybe move it to the back ?
  15. All, I ended up picking up a 1977 datsun 280z yesterday with 63k miles and matching numbers. The rust is not that bad, the floor pan on the driver side has been patched up with rivets. The guy tried to sand the paint and prime it and eventually realized that he couldn't do it. The car kinda runs but doesn't stay on for more then 30 seconds. What to check for ? What should I change to try and make it run ? Oil and oil filter change ? spark plugs ? injectors ? got all the service guide and owner manual downloaded
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