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  1. That’s fine but not how it was originally used. Having it open some just gives it more ability to actually give you a constant idle. The way you are going to use it You need to set it up with the motor at is lowest possible load, fully charged battery no accessories on, oil full temp, etc so it will never idle higher than when you set it. If you set it up at 20% duty cycle then it can always give your target idle under all conditions. What Ecu are you running?
  2. Thanks Derek. I was very happy with how it came out. Et12K yes it is a Audi sensor. Used through 2005 on lots of different models. Early cars used single window shutter wheel on cam to trigger. You will want one of them. Later cars used multi window of varying size. At least on AEM it requires a full revolution of the cam to sync where single window only needs the one window to pass. The cool thing audi did with the multi window sensor was they could use it in the event of a crank sensor failure and the car ran fine. Not many cars out there that use a crank sensor that will run without it.
  3. It’s Supposed to be set so warm idle gives a 50% duty cycle of the valve.
  4. Yes. Base idle is set at the valve.
  5. I don’t understand this comment
  6. I can check a bmw tomorrow if you like.
  7. That terminal might be for the 90* housing but will prob work in either looks a little shorter than I remember. They just solder on.
  8. https://www.pelicanparts.com/More_Info/0125450428.htm?pn=012-545-04-28-M22 https://www.pelicanparts.com/More_Info/0035452626.htm?pn=003-545-26-26-M22 housing also comes in a 90* version if that is better. https://www.pelicanparts.com/More_Info/0115457128.htm?pn=011-545-71-28-M22
  9. Porsche/Mercedes round pin connectors should be the same. They were used everywhere on those cars in the 80’s I can try to double check tomorrow. I think I actually have one at work in a box of connectors. Look for Mercedes idle motor it temp sensor connector housings
  10. Can prob buy the Connector housing and terminals from bmw. It fits a 84 e30 bmw 325e I can give you the last 7 of a vin tomorrow. I have one at the shop now.
  11. That vdo valve for the bmw has a adjustable air bleed on it for a base idle adjustment.
  12. That’s one of the reasons I said before you don’t need a lot of extra air with this set up.
  13. I guess they were VDO valves now that I look back at them. 13 41 1 707 395 is a number to look at. Hose configuration is the same as your Bosch stepper motor valve.
  14. Bosch also does plunger type iac valves. I can give you a few part numbers if you like. The early bmw 325 used this style. Since we are one butterfly per cylinder the tiny bit you have to keep butterflies cracked to keep from binding when shut is enough for one cylinder to idle on. One butterfly Cracked per 6 would be insignificant. I don’t think it is a jenvey thing but a itb thing. Everything about the jenvey stuff has been extremely well made and thought out.
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