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  1. I wanted to provide an update regarding this adventure. I returned the GSP half shafts without incident. Ultimately I could not get them to seat properly and the lack of left and right splined ends of the correct length, I believe, could be an issue long term. I managed to purchase OEM 280zxt CV axles from one the members (G-Tech) and completed a rebuild using kits from Rock Auto (BECK/ARNLEY 1032280 and BECK/ARNLEY 1032282). Thank you G-Tech. The kits were about $50 total for the 2 CV axles. The OEM axles were in good condition where it mattered (splines, tulip
  2. I asked for that information from ZCARDEPOT at least twice. Crickets.
  3. Thanks to everyone for the comments. So, I had a chance to measure and inspect the GSP CV shaft and I found the following: Both right and left GSP axles are identical in length -- which I wanted to double check; The OEM stub axle is the same length on the passenger side as the GSP axle measuring from the collar to the end of the chamfer end. I have not taken the driver side stub axle out yet but this will certainly be different; The chamfer end of the GSP axle is very rough compared to the OEM stub axle -- see the two pictures below of the GSP axle. I also note
  4. I purchased a set of GSP CV axles (for 1981 to 1983 280zx turbo) and the Milkfab Engineering adapters to convert my 78 280z (R200 Diff). I am having a very difficult time getting the axles to fully seat (working on passenger side at the moment). The axles are in the differential but there is a gap between the rim of the CV axle and the differential of about 1 inch (see pictures). I have pushed as hard as I can to seat them to no avail. The car is still on jack stand as I am afraid to load the weight of the car on the suspension for fear of binding the axles and destroying them if they are
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