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  1. I need to follow this diagram to connect the Honda wiper motor, correct? Or are there any additional connections required? The talk of jumpers got me confused. Or do I have to connect the Honda Wire Blu/Wht to LW on the connector as well?
  2. Hello, ist there a list of connectors which were used in the Fairladies? I would like to build a complete new harness and if it is possible I would like to do that with the original-style connectors. Does anybody know the manufacturers and respective connector series that were used? That would really help my search. I know that I could get some of the connectors at http://www.vintageconnections.com/, but I live in Germany and would like to source the parts locally or at least inside the EU. Thank you very much. JagoBlitz
  3. Hello, has anybody tried the CV Rear Axle Replacement Set from ZCarDepot? Are they worth their money? Or is it better to overhaul the original axles instead. Thanks. https://zcardepot.com/products/cv-rear-axle-replacment-240z-260z-280z JagoBlitz
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