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  1. Those who installed a LS6 engines did you keep the DBW or convert to DWC? Seems DBC would be better for the but the switch might be a pain.
  2. I'm about to get a LS6 and t56 F-trans. Any tips on wiring? Did you keep stocks gauges? What programmer did you decide to go with?
  3. Yeah from what I've seen mine isn't that bad. Appreciate links and I'll check them out.
  4. Currently upgrading my suspension and brakes. Remove the from tow brackets and found a good amount of rust on bothsides. Located just above the front sway bar location. I searched the forums and didn't find anything showing how this part tackled. I know 12 guage replacement pieces are sold for the sway bar location but haven't found any for the rest of this section. Ill eventually need to address rust on the radiator support. Pointers are appreciated
  5. Ultimately the goal is to go with a LS6 T56 but for now I just want to cruise. Measuring would probably be the quickest way. Thanks
  6. I do have the short nose just not installed yet. I have a T3 power cradle to support the DIFF. Measuring will probably be the quickest solution. Thanks
  7. Upgrading to a R200 short nose VLSD (90 300ZX NA) in my 78 280z 4 speed and can not seem to find any INFO on draft shaft length needed to make up for the short DIFF. I know it's been done before so any help would be nice. Trying to get all the parts here before I do the swap.
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