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  1. i dont know about a tax return, but im getting a settlement in a month or two, and the list is near endless
  2. Sure don't, man. There are a few random pics here and there but I don't have the patience for a build thread. lol

  3. I may be some noob to you guys, but happy new years. and i cannot wait to build my z and finally feel like this nissan tat is worth it since i sold my vg30e s12. datsun is where it is at for nissan/datsun lovers.
  4. i think the 370z has more of the outline of the old z than a 350z definitely.
  5. has anyone ever heard of somebody cutting a small square out and putting in lexan or plexi glass so you can see the road?
  6. so there is no body you guys could point to??im telling you, this thing WAS a race car. absoloutely perfect paint, with some weird colored goldish wheels. it was what I like to call the TITS.
  7. not sure... he was going 70 or so in the other direction.
  8. sounds like he was trying to make you nervous to squeeze a ticket out of you.
  9. driving towards sacramento on hwy 50 near placerville. absoloutely mint. cannot wait to get my z.
  10. awesome build, awesome car, awesome work. this whole thing is WIN.
  11. nismologist


    you may not be able to FINISH the swap on 4500, but you can sure start it and get the engine in the bay along with the trans. just be ready to do ALL the work yourself. wiring is the brain pincher.
  12. beads seat covers are straight up pimpin. my grandma had them in her 75 280z for the same reason.
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