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  1. I have just that a 73 240z shell in Westwood NJ Let me know if you are still in the market! Looking for 2,750 (has floors re-done and frame rails tacked up) Price is def negotiable 201 207 5916 , PeterFrancisMartin@gmail.com Pete
  2. If you still have this after xmas, I'll definately buy it for the $260. Let me know if it's still around say around the 23rd.

  3. I have a shortblock for sale for 100 if you feel like machining it
  4. Looking for a full Bushing Kit for my 73 240z Online prices are 180-200 PM me an offer on your unused kit Thanks Pete
  5. Hey im in north nj and have two buckets in great shape for 30 bucks, we can meet up whenever
  6. Sure, pm me tho for details of sending etc if all works out
  7. Mine is off an 83 turbo car
  8. This isnt what you need is it?
  9. Pm pricing for the diff and 4 cv's
  10. Clive Im really glad to hear you are keeping the 1905 car. I think its a great idea you are finishing one car before starting the next. I am also very glad you decided to go 2jz, for obvious reasons Any helping hand I can offer next year is available to you. I really hope by next summer i'll be on the road and we can CruiZe together and go to meets. Just want to thank you as well for all your help/guidance through my build (yes yes Sticky280zx, thank you too for your help as well) Pete
  11. Sounds good, i have some $$ for you anyhow
  12. Need full rear end setup necessary for swap into my 240z, let me know what you have Thanks Pete
  13. Anyone live in North NJ/Westchester/NYC and know a place to get their welder tank filled? Thanks Peter
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