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  1. Very happy with these rear brake, now just waiting for the e-brake cable to arrives.
  2. I have 16 x 7 et 0 with 225/50, lowered with Koni spring on stock struts and rolled lip. Only rub when the driver drive too fast and dont see big bumbs on twisted roads.......
  3. Looking good, nothing like a white Z in my opinion. Well done David
  4. PM with photo and price shipped to 3340 Norway. Thanks
  5. My old blue 240Z and the Scarab#154, I do like the look of both
  6. If you still have this, please send a mail to : scarab154@gmail.com Thanks Rolf Arne
  7. Anyone who want to sell? If you plan to swap out your Z31 LSD rear end in your Z, please let me know. Will need to ship it to TN. Yes, i know its cost $$$ and will pay extra for "bolt in" in a 240z Thanks Rolf Arne
  8. I have a pair if you still need this. A bit faded after 40 years but still in good condition. Its the same lights as in the photo
  9. Inspired by Jimmy's wonderful 240Z, I decide to share some more Zed photos from Norway. The white on is my Scarab#154, and the blue one is my old 240Z.
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