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  1. Looks good to me, you're gonna get rust no matter what and 1000 for a 71 seems pretty fair in my book. Paint still seems to be there for the most part I say go for it man.
  2. Wow this thread took off, I'm going to post updated pics soon of mine
  3. @KG280z, I'm loving that grey. What grey is that?
  4. Nice It's not that hard to do, But a real pain in the bottom. I'm glad you liked the outcome, I did.
  5. I got it now. I had to drop my gas tank to get to some of the bolts on the passanger bumper shock in order to remove it. I agree if you're going to shave the holes in the rear do it the right way with sheet metal that's how I did mine. Good luck
  6. This is why I love Harbor Freight, they always have great deals and low prices. I picked up an engine stand for $39.99 yesterday every where else they were $80+
  7. Call me a hater or whatever you want but my .2 cents, you butchered the shiz outta your car I mean why change a good thing. 300zx lights need to stay on a 300zx. This is completely my opinion, to each their own.
  8. Must have missed one. It's somewhat of a Botch to take off the gas tank but not too hard just make sure to hold it up with a jack so it doesn't come down hard on you. I also had to violently shake the bumper shock off of mine so it could come off not that much of a biggie I did everything in around 40 mins. Let us know how it went.
  9. I want these wheels for my z, what you think? Work VS-XX
  10. Good start, are you planning to remove those bumper shocks?
  11. Sparks, I'm liking that orange I can just imagine that with some black 17x10 wheels it gives me the chills.
  12. Sure why not, Nice I just bought one of these 2 days ago for $50 bucks. Apperantly the guy swapped in an Ls1 engine and had nowhere to put the L28et so it was either the trash or me so I picked it up, it has a new head on it too.
  13. 225/55/16 in the rear and 225/50/16 in front. stock suspension
  14. This is the picture thread, post pictures of your z's. Be it the interior, wheels , and of course body shots.
  15. Nice build I just literally purchased an L28et with tranny for $50 bucks, I need to buy a wire harness and ecu now I gues. Would you happen to know of a swap guide thread thanks. good luck on the build man.
  16. I would just use the money to buy a brand new s30 dash, But to each their own.
  17. S13 taill lights need to stay on the 240sx, please don't destroy the look of your z. Why change something that already works/looks good?
  18. hey there, yeah i drive a 71 240z and 91 rx7... the rx7 is my daily driver and my 240 is the project car. giving me headaches though. What car you driving?

  19. how you doing.. you from the 805 area? what part of the 805 you from? i'm from Santa Barbara

  20. if you don't buy it i will so you better get it before i do, haha just kidding. but no really buy it. i bought mine for 100 bucks and you just can't pass up those kind of deals!
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