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  1. rocks

    MSA vs Vibrant improved appearance and good sound?

    I would use one of thier bottle resonator in front of it. I have used vibrant mufflers, and they are loud. I love the bottle resonators they make almost any loud exhaust sound much better and kill almost all rasp or drone. The closer the muffler is to the end of the exhaust system the louder it will be. Stick one of these in the middle and I bet it will sound great. http://www.customcarscentral.com/vbr1792-universal-all-makes.html?gclid=CMiv27PfwrsCFTEV7Aodj0MAcQ
  2. rocks

    Vr6 in a 350z

    I have a 350z so i read the 350z forums from time to time and came across this. I thought this would be kind of cool in a Z car. I have beat my Z transmission for 60k miles and it never misses a beat. It has taken 8000 rpms shifts and back back drag racing with no problems. This guy also did a delorean with a 2jz, and is currently doing another with a vr6 from what I can find. It appears from doing some research that it is possible to buy the vq trans adaptor from him. Enjoy. http://my350z.com/forum/forced-induction/570751-turbo-vr6-in-350z.html http://www.vr6swap.com/transmission-adapters/nissan-350z-6-speed.html I think it would be a good fit in a z if you wanted something different.
  3. rocks

    My 280z

    Drove the car 130 miles after I got the tires put on. It did really well. Gets kind of scary light on the front end around 115 mph. I got around 15 mpg with a 4 speed manual at 75-85 mph. I filled up with gas, put 14 gallons in it, and now the car miss fires over 4500 rpms at full throttle. I hope its bad gas. Either its that or i'm thinking its the accel coil i bought from the parts store.
  4. rocks

    My 280z

    Going to buy some tires today, took some better pictures.
  5. rocks

    My 280z

    I was finally able to drive it. I had to play swap the throttle body a few times after putting epoxy in the wrong spots to disable the BCDD thing. Welded a glasspack on it. Sounds a little better than a straight pipe. Im going to need to put a header on it or swap the manifolds. I have one bolt on the flange to the down pipe. One is broke off and the other stripped. The exhaust hanger is just the right spot to wedge everything together with no leaks. I checked the cylinders again and im pretty sure it does have flat top pistons in it. N47 head N42 block. It will take up 20 degrees of timing on 91 without pinging, or I cant hear it over the exhaust. The elevation here is about 4500' so that could be why it doesn't ping. Anyway I took a short video of it, it didn't come out so well. If anyone cares to speculate from the sound of the exhaust if it has a cam or not be my guest. It does have new injectors, plugs, wires, cap , rotor. So I do know it isn't any of that.
  6. rocks

    My 280z

    Well if it needs to be moved that is fine. I think it needs to be moved to projects, if someone sees this.
  7. rocks

    My 280z

    I have a 1981 280zx, but I ended up losing the title to it so it sits in a field since I can't find the original owner. I came across this 1977 280z in really good shape, I traded a samurai for it. The only rust it has is from a small dent by the rear tail light. Other than that its a rust free car. It seems like someone was restoring it and then just quit working on it. I was told the engine had been rebuilt. It may have been at one time by a retard. I fixed the firing order and it fired up, but it sounded like it had a stuck valve. I went to fill it up with water, and the water from the radiator went into the crankcase while it was running and also filled it up, and then ran out of the side of the block. I was not very happy. So I then drove it around with the water/oil soup mix and tried to finish the motor off. It would not die, so I held my foot on the gas for awhile with no water it in and it still would not die. This engine started and was able to move the car in and out of my shop for the next 4 months or so. Go figure I cant kill a 280z.... I found 2 more 280zs in horrible condition, both should be in a scrap yard. One started on ether. I traded a junk trunk for both of them to a guy that has a truck fetish. He will not sell or trade you anything unless you bring him a truck. I got the motor in out of the junk 77 280z, new injectors and plugs and im sliding around the streets by my shop playing fast and furious. So now I think I need a clutch. I think this motor may have a small cam or flat top pistons in it as it was faster than my 280zx before i took it apart and it pulls very hard to 6500-6800 rpms. It feels like it will run with my 350z through 1st and 2nd gear 3rd gear rpm drop is poo though. I thought the NA cams fell on it ass at 5500 or so? It has a n47 head. When i stuck a screwdriver in the cylinder to find tdc they feel like flat tops. But I could be retarded, although it does run now. Once I fixed the stupid bccd valve thing and put a muffler on it I can actually drive it without scaring children and old women flipping me off. I stole the snowflake rims off of my 280zx they actually don't look to bad on it. I do not have picture of the snowflakes on it yet. I will put some more up soon. Here are some pictures..
  8. rocks

    Garrett GT35-R surge questions.

    You also have to factor in your in rpm drop after your first gear shift. From 1st to 2nd gear are you going back down to 3500 rpms? If not then you will have some first gear lag but you can live with it. Kind of like my friend with a HX35 on a 2.0 liter subaru. Sure first gear spools at 4500 rpms, but after that when racing it never goes back below 4500 rpms. When I do turbo my 350z, it has a built engine im going to use a master power t70 or a holset HX52 pro. I shift at 8000 rpms and it never drops below 5500 rpms when shifting. I know this is different than the 280zx engine, but the same thoughts apply. I had taken the 350z to a company called HP Performance out here they make thier own turbo kits for mustangs, corvettes, nsx. They suggested a GT42 for the 350z. The same company also told me that due to the dyno results the factory limiter at 6800 rpms was killing the power. I didn't belive them at first. I went home and retuned it to 8000 rpms. I went from a 15.2 1/4 mile to a 14.5 on a low compression cammed engine. Some people think that is crazy but I don't. I am not trying to say make a dyno queen with a bigger turbine housing, but if you are not coming back down below 3500-4000 rpms when shifting do you need a .63 housing? Its all about compromising things at this point.
  9. rocks

    Garrett GT35-R surge questions.

    If you are going to a larger cam and ported head you need the larger housing. That small housing at 25psi is choking the hell out of that turbo. People do this same crap in the 350z community. Tiny turbine housing on a gt35 and can't figure out why they can never make power past 5500-6000 rpms. Or they use a turbonetics kit with a 2" down pipe and wonder why no more power after 4500 rpms. I say larger housing and use the 38mm gate. Or if you use the smaller housing you need a bigger wastegate, probably an external gate.
  10. I have found out the specs on the turbo. I had to put an old hard drive in my computer and found a file from where I had measured the wheels. It has a V-trim compressor with a P trim turbine. From what I have found its possible to make around 400whp on a 4 banger with about 25 psi. So around 15 on pump with a 2.8l should hopefully be fun . If it is not enough power it is possible to put a 60-1 wheel in it for around 200-300$. T04B35 Specs Compressor 2.18" inducer 2.75" exducer turbine 2.86" inducer 2.53" exducer Holset Hx35 measured from my friends wrx. hx 35 wheel diameters Compressor 2.362 inducer 3.328 exducer Turbine 2.753 inducer 2.364 exducer
  11. rocks

    Rough Idle, throttle kills, l28et

    Trust me you can put one on backwards. Happens all the time. Happened to me after I read not to do it. Just check it lol.
  12. rocks

    Progress on my insane VQ35HR 240Z project

    For the ecu tune use uprev they are in austin. I have thier software on my 350z. It makes the stock ecu a stand alone.
  13. rocks

    Rough Idle, throttle kills, l28et

    Is your afm backwards? I did that once on a merkur I had. Would hardly idle and then die. I did that after I had read not to do it.
  14. I will give it a shot. If it doesn't work out hopefully by that time I will be able to afford another turbo heh. The turbo came off of a kit from a v8, made in the 80s. I don't think it has been ran.
  15. .60 compressor housing and a .81 exhaust housing. I had measured the wheels a long time ago probably over two years ago. If I remember its either an S or H trim. I can't really order anything right now which sucks. Decided to go back to school for welding due to the oilfield dropping out. I am trying to do it out of as many free parts as possible. I have a top mount intercooler out of a subaru I am going to use as a front mount. Its aftermarket so its pretty damn big.