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  1. Edward

    Is milage a factor when guys purchase a z?

    I apologize for not clarifying, but yes i mean miles on the speedo. i wouldn't own z If it where for fuel economy haha
  2. Have been thinking about this for a while now going that these cars are like 30 years old now. Or milage doesn't matter?
  3. Hello everyone, Looking to possibly trade my car for z Something with minimal rust and actual color no primer . My car is a 93 vx hatchback, the car is stock and blue in color( oem paint). Milage is around 230 on chasey and 100k on motor (attarco motor) Recently changed the spark plugs, oil/filter, and air filter. Tires are about 70-80 Paint is about 6/10 Interior is about 7/10 driver seat has a tear and has integra speedometer Other then that the interior is great Email me to eddiesr20@aol.com with pics and info for quickest response . Thank you Ed
  4. Idk if its just me but i love the smell of gas , oil , and exhaust haha. Thats to first thing i loved about my first z lol
  5. Edward

    calling all blue Zs

    Any one have pic with the datsun 903 blue?
  6. Edward

    so you wanna swap an rb eng? here ya go

    Who would you say has the better kit?
  7. Edward

    so you wanna swap an rb eng? here ya go

    Just a question since this was posted on 2002, any updates? Of better ways to go a out a rb25 swap? Just wondering i know its expensive not trying to cut corners just curious.
  8. Edward

    RB25DET swap questions

    Why not save your money for the rb? Do you have the l28 already? On a side note i seen another member say the mckinney kit wasn't all that great? I also read at some point you can use engine mounts from a different car like a jaguar or something not sure might be worth looking into
  9. Great progress, cant wait to see more.
  10. Edward

    My First Z Car - 260Z

    Sweet car 1979 260z ? >_> maybe a 280z?
  11. Edward

    Looking for a 240 in Calif.

    Ask a mod to move it for you nicely before you get banned, talking from experience!
  12. Edward

    1974 260z Chico, CA-$3200

    That car has been for sale forever by multiple sellers
  13. idk if its hard to tell but this is a well done z and the user is not responding back to any comments. maybe you guys cant tell. i want to know the rim/wheel size on this z i want to go low with out having to get flares, thanks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EKuXCTq4Hc&list=PL06AC143AF103EFD4&feature=mh_lolz
  14. Edward

    You know you own a Datsun when.........

    You know you own a datsun z when cops give you a thumbs up